You Charge Like a Girl

You’re charging like a girl, if you base your prices,fees or rates on  what you need to live  on or what it costs you to perform.  I don’t mean that in a mean way, but it’s true.  Let me explain.  In an earlier article I talked about why women are broke so I’m following that theme up.

You Price Like a Girl

Studies show that women often decide what to charge based what you need to make for income, rather than what the perceived value of the work is to your clients.   If I had a dollar for every client who said, ‘I just want to pay the mortgage, school tuition, etc.’  I said the same when I was starting out- I just want to buy the kids a house.

Like you, I took the advice of  gurus and start-up books that coached me to take the amount I  wanted to make for the year, add expenses and divide by twelve.  Simple, right?

Except, it’s limited thinking that limits your income.  Your value is much higher than you believe now.  Why? Because you don’t know everything about your customers.  Yes, you’re the expert on your topics, but clients are the experts in their lives.  They experience the results; they discovered the surprising benefits.  It’s up to them to say how valuable you and your work were to accomplishing their goals or desires.

Want to Earn More? Become a Believer!

The best way to build your confidence about your price is to know you deliver great value.  Not just because you feel it in your bones.  That can change like the weather.
You want solid proof that you rock.

You get that by asking your clients to tell you the straight poop- the good, the great and maybe the ugly about working with you.  In a neutral, friendly way  you’re asking the proverbial ‘was it good for you, too’?

Sure, you open yourself up, and that might sting.  But think of the gift your clients are giving you by being honest with you.   Think about how powerful  and confident, you’ll feel when your tribe raves about you!

Easy Customer Feedback that Boosts Your Price

How do you ask for feedback without looking awkward?   By approaching it in the same transparent way.  You’d tell a gal if her dress was tucked into her pantyhose, right?  Well, this is you simply asking, how’s my lipstick.  No need to be awkward at all.

Normally, I encourage my clients to create mini-surveys, 3-5 questions on Survey Monkey to get ideas before creating products. This method is great to use on social media because you can link directly to the survey and get more diverse responses.

For a first-timer, or if you want to be super personal, I recommend talking to your tribe directly.  Emailing your list is a better tool for figuring out value cause they are already fans.  Write a brief, personal note, explaining that you want to be the best and you need their help to do it. Then ask:


 What was the most meaningful or valuable part of working with me- personally and for your business, financially?


Why This Works

What a low-key, personality filled way to survey!  You’ll see why your clients love your small business  and ways for you to better serve that didn’t occur to you before.  You’ll have strong clues about what to create next that your clients will buy. Talk about win-win-win!

Is this scary to exposure yourself to criticism? Yeah, but you can be open about your feelings.  I flat out said how nervous I was in my note.  That helped me stay in integrity.  We connect by being transparent and letting others see us. That ability to be vulnerable gives others permission to do likewise and is valuable all by itself.

Be sure to tell people what you’re doing with their responses, about privacy and how to give you the feedback.  Hit reply works best because it’s immediate and easy.

Now that you know you’re the bees knees, you’ll have less trouble finding the right price, that sweet spot between what your clients willing will pay and what it takes to honor your hard work and value.  Come back and share what you learned.  Tried this?  What did you learn?

Next step…

Want a hand?  I’m talking about why your clients don’t buy and my natural formula for helping you say your price so clients are eager to say YES today!  You’re invited!  Get more deets and register here     Busy? No problem- sign up to get access to the replay.

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