You can spot a challenging client

How could I tell she was not gonna be a good client? That’s a question I hear a lot from clients. I’m totally sympathetic to the idea. After all , people are all different. ( That’s a good thing :) ) It is hard to predict how someone will act or react in a given situation.  But not impossible, if you watch TV.

Humans leave clues, according to the brand of forensic psychology we see on TV today.  We leave behind all kinds of information as we walk through the world that tell others who we are.   Clients also leave clues about who they are in a work relationship.

Those brainy, gun-toting detectives use their intuition to solve crimes. It’s  a great tool when it’s developed properly. If we can look for those little clues that signal ‘difficult’ we can train our brains to identify them more easily. That’s why I’m so keen on picking situations apart to find the common threads after an issue or firing a client.  Your building a database,  your own ‘early alert’ system.

My best analogy is car shopping. I’m shopping for a new car since my car ‘Julie Lane’ is getting on in years. I’m looking at hybrid sport SUVs. I see them everywhere now when if you’d asked me a month ago I couldn’t have named one if I tried. Thinking about white so now just about every other car I pass on the highway is, what?, white.

All that happened is I asked my brain to sort for those specific items, it found them and brought them to my attention.  You can do the same thing with a system I call Client-spotting. Once you’re aware of what you want in your best client, your brain will begin sorting for that. Sorry to get all brain science nerdy on ya- lol

As I mentioned  on Chalk Talk, the best way to avoid challenging client is to not accept her into your business in the first place.

Fearless Thought Leader Maxim

Your business is your home–don’t let anyone inside you don’t ADORE!

What clues you in that a new client just might be trouble?  Share in the comments so we can all learn- thanks so much!

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