Easily discover what your clients will pay for

Would you drive across country without a map?  Of course not.  You’d get lost.  Be frustrated. And, generally not enjoy the journey very much or want to repeat it.

You’ll be in the same mess as a microbusiness or small business if you fail to do any surveying.  Believe me, selling is a ton easier when you know what clients want to pay for and what price to charge.  (Notice I didn’t say need. People buy what they want, not what they need).

But surveying isn’t just about pricing.  It’s an effective way to make decisions about lots of other things like which social media platform to use, finding a the right JV partner or best format for your product.

My friend, Jeanne Hurlbert, is an expert on surveys.  She’s definitely going to be part of my Jiffy Expert series.  You know, what you need to know to run your business-quick!

Until her interviews are available, why not read her eye-opening article on what surveys can do for you

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