What would put you over the edge?

I love a juicy conversations.  You know the ones with so many ideas you can go on an amazing journey thinking about something new.  That’s what’s happened with the Last Minute Request discussion.

You know I’ve been talking about Mary and Janice and their saga of the ruined font.  I even coined a new word to describe when a client is or becomes a friend.  Introducing… frient- combo friend and client!

I’m so grateful for the wise, heart-felt, open thoughts that people shared.   I appreciate your willingness to think out loud with my about whether clients are true friends.  Let’s take that up a notch, shall we?


What would make you fire a client?

Where did that come from?  Well, the conversation took an interesting turn when implicit expectations or assumptions came up.  Someone said they would fire a client who asked her to do something illegal.  That sparked me, hence the question.

I love this kind of question because it’s so wide open.  Where do you draw the line. Obviously, criminal activity is out, but what about little white lies or misrepresentations?  What kind of behaviors would have you showing a client the door quick?

Please share something that is a no-go for you in the comments.  Don’t want to leave your name- use an alias!  What we talk about and how we do it (respectfully, y’all) is what’s most important.  Thx!

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  1. Urma
    1 year ago

    I think parents would be more lilkey to buy the Fashion of the Day option. It grabs your attention. The attitude and personality of the millenials comes through in the expressive pictures. I think it also shows that this is a book that understands and can help with these issues. The ones with the shoes do not really convey the idea of the entitled generation. That’s my two cents.

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