What I learned about selecting clients

In life, there are always tough decisions to make, especially when you’re self-employed.  Put your prices on your website or not?  Is video marketing for you or not.  One question can have a huge impact on your productivity, happiness and business growth:

Wait for your best client or take the clients that come along?


I believe in waiting.

A business isn’t something you do until something better comes along.  I’ve always believed that my business is an asset that can bring me the lifestyle I’ve dreamed of and teach me to be a better person.  That I could do good in the world and do well financially.  Blessedly, that’s been true.

But it didn’t happen overnight or easily.  Newly divorced with two small children, money was tighter than the bras on Double Divas.  I remember searching couch cushions for bus fare when my car got the boot.

I took every training or consulting job offered in the first year of my conflict management practice.  I did crazy stuff for those clients like getting up at 5 am to drive two hours to be on site for a 7:30 start for a $300 fee.  Why?  Because they were willing to pay and I needed to work.

As I look back, it seems I had faulty beliefs in my way:

  • Any client makes your business real
  • A low-paying client is better than no client
  • Solopreneurs can’t be picky
  • Have you thought something like this?


A new way

I think a lot of entrepreneurs suffer from those same useless beliefs and the guilty, the doubt, the stress of cliff-hanger finances that accompany them.  That’s why I wanted to put this out there to talk about.  My story had a happy ending and yours should, too.

Eventually, I wised up and created my game plan for selecting clients I call it Client-Spotting.  I identified my very best clients and got to work acourting.

It took two years of weekly emails and monthly calls to finally get into my first best client.  Best thing I ever did.  Long story short, this massive corporation turned out to be a terrific client that supported my work inside their organization, paid well and showcased me to colleagues, which grew my business to six figures eventually.

Be strategic

My big takeaway- in the long run it’s better to select clients than settle for anyone who will pay.   What do you think?

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