What happened at the Summit?

This ain’t Vegas, folks.  My Say It Summits are open for discussion, pondering, questioning and, of course, learning.  What we discuss shouldn’t stay secret.  It’s meant for everyone.  The Summits are my way of teaching not only the theory behind being a better communicator in your small business, but also the know-how.  We practice in real time because it’s the fastest way to learn a new skill.  So, lemme dish.


Doing a webinar isn’t bad

Say Your Price was my very first webinar.  Did you know that?  Loads to juggle.  The technology (I’m retesting InstantTeleseminar).  The teaching (there’s an art to conveying engaging info online) The organization (there are many moving parts).   So, along with the participants I learned a few things too about running a webinar, which I’ll get to later.  Now, it’s time to unveil the topic of the Summit- the Pricing Statement Formula.  Tah Dah….

Pricing Statement Formula





A pricing conversation is simple. Much less intimidating than you might believe.   You want to connect with your clients as people.  Be a human being, not a selling machine. Be curious.  If you’re afraid of being unprofessional, I’m guessing you won’t be if you’re worrying.  So relax and be yourself.


Every marketing wonk say talk benefits not features.  Yes, but only talk about the benefits that resonate with that particular client in that moment.  You might believe adding more will convince the client to buy.  It won’t.  It will confuse them and make them wonder if you’re good at any of it. (Think of the menu board at the local greek pizza shop)


No Naked Numbers- Evah!  Just like the clothes you wear create a certain perception about you (fair or not) so do the words you use to share your pricing.  Naked numbers say I don’t have much to offer or I really don’t care that much.  This is where you can educate your clients about the different types of value you can give to them.

Mentoring that Works

I’m a huge fan of learning by doing.  It cements your new knowledge and is the quickest way to figure out if you get it or not.  My online mentee, Junita, and I  did a mock pricing conversation.  She owns an online cookie business and gets a lot of phone inquiries.  So, I pretended to be her potential customer ordering a basket.  Great first pricing conversation.

Loved that she asked about my needs but we got stuck when I asked the price.  Her response was to describe the high quality of ingredients.

Have you done that?  Divert the conversation to another topic when you can’t or don’t want to answer the question.  Redirection does work.  But doing it in a pricing conversation makes you look suspect and shifty.   My solution: Be transparent about your thoughts &  Answer the question.

A better response: I’d love to talk about that, but first Im curious to know a little more about your needs. Is that ok?  An acknowledgement then a redirect back to her needs.

Next Summit

I’m running the Say Your Price Summit again on July 10.  Now’s a good time to sign up for a Mentee seat, especially if you know you want practice but don’t have a way to easily or safely get the opportunity.  Grab an attendee seat if you’re feeling a little shy now.  You’ll get all the yummy learning and get comfy for when you’re in the Mentee seat.

Want a more robust learning experience-cool.  Try the Say Your Price Bootcamp




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