What does power mean to you?

Are you powerful? I’m sure your answer will be yes. But what does that really mean?

I’m asking you to define what power means to you. When do you feel your most powerful and when are you likely to let someone else steal your power?  This was a very interesting conversation on G+ that I thought would be perfect for us.

I’m defining power as the ability to make things happen.  

There are so many different types of power that we’re not usually aware of.  For instance, when you tell your kids to stop texting at the dinner table, you’re using your status power as a Mom.  When you convince your buddy to have Mexican instead of Thai, you’re using your personal power, your likeability.

As an entrepreneur, you get to use your status power to set rules and expectations in your business.  You are the boss.  But sometimes it’s harder than you want to have rules,

How do you define power?  What makes you lose your power with clients?

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