A new way to get your message out & boost your income

You know, I’m all about speaking up, right. Speaking your truth to yourself and your clients in service of building a business you adore.

I’m taking that in a new direction. What if speaking up also meant boldly sharing your unique message with the world? Imagine if your message got in front of hundreds or thousands of people who would be helped. That would be pretty cool.

Help yourself with Udemy

I often struggle with how to get my message out to a lot of people.  I’m blogging, guest blogging and doing my interview series.  All good, but maybe not enough.  So I decided to look for a bigger platform and found Udemy.com.

If you consider yourself a life long learner, like I do ,you’ll be amazed by Udemy.com, an online learning portal that has free and paid coursework available on a myriad of topics from business to lifestyle.  It’s a great resource for you if you want to quickly and at your own pace learn stuff like how to get clients with Linkedin or how to run a JV program.  I’m taking three courses myself right now and I love how I can fly through them.

Help Others Grow

How about taking your expertise and advice and putting it into a course?  It takes a bit of work, but the benefits to your business are great. You become identified as a creator and authority in your field, while sharing your message with a much bigger audience.  I see entrepreneurs using free courses to drive leads to their sites.

I also see Udemy as a tool for virtual assistants to demonstrate your value to prospective clients.  Nothing answers the nagging question of ‘why should I pay for that’ better than a course where you describe the how-tos and pitfalls.  Reasonable minds will conclude they’re better off getting help and you’ll be top of mind!

Help Your Bottom Line

How about a side of income with your plate of visibility?  Yeah, you can earn cash on Udemy.  They have a 70/30 split with their instructors, which makes this a nice passive income play.  I’ve seen course for as high as $997.  I’m guessing the sweet spot is somewhere around $39-197.

Let’s play with the math.  If your $39 course had 8 students a month you’d gross $312 and net $218. That’s $2600 for the year with one course.  You probably already have content that you could reshape into a course.  There are a ton of great tutorials to walk you through writing an outline, creating the course, even designing the course image.  Not to mention how to promote.

I took Cathy Presland’s Publish on Kindle course, for example.  She includes a follow up lesson on how one of her students sells 50 Kindle books a day.  Her journey on Udemy has been like a road map for me to follow in her very successful footprints.  Looking at her early courses and how she’s developed her course style along with her pricing strategies has been priceless.

Ok, get on your thinking cap.  Will a course fit into your marketing mix?  I challenge you to come up with at least 2 ideas and share them here.

What course will you create on Udemy?

PS Check out how Tanya Smith is using Udemy to grow her business!

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