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The Universe Whispers | Dina Eisenberg

This is not the post you’d expect from a Power Maven who coaches small business owners.  I’m a little nervous about exposing my thinking. After all, lawyers are rigorously trained to fiercely guard our words and shield our thoughts.

On the other hand, as a heart-based entrepreneur, I believe that there’s a better way to run a business. It’s not conventional, and that’s probably why it works for me.  Now the question is, would it work for you?

Neither of gets to know unless I spill. So, I’m talking about my personal approach to entrepreneurship and business decision-making. Likely not new, but newly expressed for me and maybe you.

Stepping out on faith, here goes!


If you follow my tweets at @dinaeisenberg (thanks!), you saw me tweet this recently:


Forgotten the real you? Be quiet. Open Up & Listen.

The Universe whispers a daily reminder.


Kind friends in the twitterverse have been re-tweeting my thought. It’s nice to know embracing the Universe resonates with so many people. To me, being powerful means being able to influence others (positively). Still, it’s been kinda mind-blowing for me.

Since my lifelong dream to move to California came true, I’ve been so busy.   Practical stuff like finishing our whole house renovation, settling in and learning to drive Cali-style (OMG 10x worse than Boston or NY!).   I felt lost.  A lot of doing. Not much feeling it. Slowing down, I wondered,what the heck am I supposed to be doing now?

Forgotten the Real You?


How often have you forgotten you?  All your roles—wife, mother, entrepreneur (and all those hats!)—take their toll on you Sort of like those beautifully veined marble steps in the any old building or museum.  My favorites are stairs of the Kirstein Business Library in Boston.

Honestly, they look dull, murkily dirty at first. What you notice is how worn each step is, bearing a wide and deep indentation. It’s hard not to imagine the millions of feet that slid, stomped and bounced across them, carrying away a little more each step.

They look worn, but what’s important is what they’re made of. Marble. Still beautiful, cool, elegant, character-filled underneath it all.  That’s you and me—still vibrant, curious, lively with tremendous value—some days we see it, some days we don’t.  It’s still the real you.


The Universe Whispers a Daily Reminder!

It’s pretty easy to forget who you really are when you think about it. Being the best Dina often conflicts my desire to be the best mom, entrepreneur, wife, friend. Not that I ever intended to forget me, but well, I gradually got more attuned to the wants and needs of my family and others. It happened over time, like my gray hair, hardly noticeable. Until the day you do notice you don’t remember what you like to do for fun or your favorite type of movie.  Am I right?

For periods in my life I completely forgot that I…

  • Adore dance (and dancing)
  • Live for reading (especially magazines)
  • Am shy (but love people)
  • Don’t mind failing
  • Am resilient
  • Cook because my sanity depends on it
  • Like intellectual gangstas
  • Love to laugh and smile
  • Am powerful
  • Live for connection
  • Make my own life

No worries if you’ve forgotten any of those or anything else about you.  The Universe* has our back. She whispers a daily reminder. She says ‘this is you.’  I’m struggle with explaining this. Either you’ll get it. Get it later. Or you won’t get it at all. It’s all good.

Sometimes it’s a song that recalls a special time in our life. Or a piece of TV or movie dialogue that just whirls around your brain for days. Or a ridiculously coincidental string of conversations or meetings. The Universe reminds you of your best self daily. Whether that’s who you were or who you’re going to be—I don’t know. I do know that when I’ve listened the most amazing things have happened.


  • I created the portable, flexible career I wanted.
  • I built honest relationships with my children and husband.
  • I fulfilled a live long dream of moving to California.
  • I fulfilled my dream of turning a wreck into my dream home. (#mydearVivienne)

Not bad. I’m still a work in progress. And so are you. Isn’t it comforting to be reminded that you can make change happen?

Be Quiet

Want to freak someone out? Stare into their eyes silently for a minute. No talking, just looking lovingly. I bet they won’t know what to do and will look away. I bet you might not be able to hold the gaze for long. Americans don’t like quiet. It leaves us alone with our thoughts. That scares us.

For years I’ve loved cities. New York City. Need I say more? Uh, no. Boston. Quaint and vibrant, albeit reserved. Oakland. It’s about to be off the chain! Best food, best climate, and certainly the best people. (Sorry NY, Oaklandians actually say welcome to new arrivals). I thrive in the energy of cities.

My new house is in the hills. It’s quiet. No distractions except for Scrappy the deer who comes to munch our yard. So quiet, I’m forced to slow down. Marvel at the view.  Where is the quiet space for you to open up & listen to your truths?

Open Up

The only thing harder than opening up is listening. Yes, it’s frightening to peel away years of conditioned thoughts and assumptions and experience yourself differently. Not like a Polaroid, rather as a moving, living changing image. Yes, it is hard not knowing whether the risk will pay off or not. Yeah, you could hurt. I hate when that happens.

Yet, hope gets me through. Hope co-exists with my fears. Each time I open up to new ideas or not so pleasant realizations about myself it’s because I hope to do better and have faith that I can change.

I’ll hold your hope. That’s what I tell my mentoring clients. Be fearful if you must and I’ll hold your hope ‘til you’re ready to do it yourself. Just be open to a new vision of you and for you. The Universe will supply the show if you can listen.



Absolutely the most underrated skill.  Well, maybe tied with compassion and self-awareness. You can, and should, learn to listen more completely and deeply to yourself, your clients and family. That’s what makes connection.

The internet is a wonderful thing. It frees our creative spirit, making many of us publishers and artists. You know how you sit around thinking about what your dream job would be. Mine used to be a combo restaurant/movie critic. Seemed so mysterious… how do you get to be a critic? Now, all I have to do is open my Foodspotting or Yelp app and I’m there.

As cool as the internet is for talking, it makes it hard to listen. Listening to ourselves or each other in a deep, soul-satisfying, yummy way is getting to be a lost art. Anthony Bourdain, one of my fav travel hosts, often remarks about how much happier the people are in a place where the best thing to do is talk or sing or take a walk.

Are you listening? More importantly, do you believe what you hear? The Universe can’t help you course correct your life unless you’re willing to listen, believe and act.


Why write this on a business blog?

I asked myself the same thing.  How is this relevant to hard nosed, logical decision-making?  It’s not.  I gave that up.  It’s a way of drawing a line, setting a standard for myself.   Does someone else need to get to where I’m at…in this moment, with this situation, in my business, in life? 

If the answer is yes, then..time to shine.  That’s why I think entrepreneurs are superheros.  You see a problem or  obstacle and you swoop in like Spiderman, ready to help.  Not everyone is willing to do that.  But you are.  You’re willing to serve others.  You’re kinda special.

I still wasn’t gonna share (yeah, I don’t always listen) but I changed my mind.  I got thanks email for sharing something on the Speak up Revolution Facebook page. (The content is different than on my blog.) I realized I’d forgot the real me. I’m supposed to be doing something the universe whispered to me last week.


Shine brightly.  Someone else needs to see the path to where you’re at.


Be a superhero.


Have you forgotten how wonderful, powerful, capable, fun you are? I’m here to remind you.  Did you want to speak up, be heard and prosper?  I can teach you.




If you liked what you read and it resonated with you, I’m happy to talk to you about hearing what the universe is whispering to you about your business and how to heard and prosper. Here’s where to start.


PS: *Universe means whatever you want.



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  1. Rhonda
    5 years ago

    Great article. I can so identify. Your “flexible and portable” lifestyle is my goal. Would love to know how to do that… for real! Thanks!

    • Dina Eisenberg
      5 years ago

      So glad this works for you! I’d love to show you what worked for me in terms of planning, mindset, products, technology and using your power. And, introduce you to the lovely, business superheros I trust and respect. I’m not gonna lie. This lifestyle takes some discipline, but when you get it right for you- it’s sweet! I’m grateful every day. Thanks so much for coming by!

  2. Sandi
    5 years ago

    Awesome! Well said. Thanks for the daily reminder

    • Dina Eisenberg
      5 years ago

      You are most welcome. Looking forward to seeing your new redesigned site!

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