Hi, and thanks so much for scheduling your Power Chat or Conversation Audit. 

I’m really looking forward to our time together.  Definitely, take a minute now to schedule your time at Dina.appointy.com  You need to book within two weeks of purchase.  We all get busy and I’d hate for your seat to expire before you sat in it! 

Also, please complete your ‘get to know you’ Mentoring Questionnaire.  The link will be in your inbox shortly.  Having your questionnaire, along with anything brief you’d like me to read, 1 business day before our talk helps me to percolate ideas/suggestions/ questions for you.  It also gives you a chance to prepare so we make the best use of your time and get a great solution.

This is your private time and our conversation is entirely confidential. Please email me with any questions before your session.  I’m here to help.

Be Heard & Prosper!






Dina Eisenberg | Conversation Strategist



PS Be sure to CONFIRM.  I can’t send you anything until you do!

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