Take Inspired Action to Grow

There aren’t any new ideas under the sun.  Network TV certainly proves that point. The Dating Game revamped as The Choice.   True Blood is a hit so we get Vampire Diaries…puhlease!  Even intriguing shows like Awake and Touch, which explore what lies beyond our every day life, get watered down to just dumb cop shows.  Whatever happened to character-driven shows, not just characters?

Seeing the same thing on TV, not so good.  Creating a series of consistent actions that push you towards your goals- a very good thing, as Martha Stewart might say.  Except it can’t be just any action.  Your action, your work, needs to be inspired.

Take Inspired Action

Ok, let me unpack that.  To me, inspired action means that I’m working on something that:

  1. will make my business more profitable in the next 30, 60 days
  2. moves me closer to my money why.

I used to think that creating success was about following the right steps at the right time. I changed course as the intrnet marketing gurus changed course.  My head spun.  There were lots of doubt and uncertainly about what I did wrong if it didn’t work.

Your Money WHY

It’s in capitals because it’s a big why.  That why is the reason you stay up late, get up at the crack of dawn and work hard.  It needs to be big, dammit, because some days just suck and that’s the only reason to keep going.  Really.

Now that I completed my big WHY (moving to California and building my dream house) I need a new one. Why don’t we ponder our money whys together.  Tell me yours in the comments and I’ll show you mine…

The Rule of Three

Now that you have the why, it’s time for the what.

Andrea J. Lee, an amazing coach, encouraged me take the quickest path to the money.  I remembered that and incorporated into my game plan.  Now I just have 3 items to do each day.  Each one is an inspired action.

Everything else I accomplish (and that’s a lot) is gravy.  You can imagine my smile at the end of the day.  I’m beaming because I usually finish the three.

Notice the list isn’t long.  That’s because I try to finish each task to completion.  Half the reason stuff doesn’t get done is you distract yourself with something else.  Finish.  You’ll be amazed at how motivating it is to FINISH.

Busyness is the enemy of greatness.  Remember that.

Your first inspired action is to find your $$ WHY in pictures and create a Pinterest board. 

Then come back and share it!

PS I love how Alicia Forest talks about $$ whys and seeking profitability first.  Check out her free video about what keeps folks stuck and how to get moving in your business.

Watch live streaming video from aliciaforest at livestream.com

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