Say it Summit Launches!

I’m having a post-event, out-of-body experience.  You know, that amazing rush of adrenaline and happiness that comes after a really great webinar.  Not to be immodest but, Say Your Price Powerfully so rocked.

Say it Summit is Live!

Say Your Price is the first webinar in the Say it Summit Series I recently created.  I’m all about teaching you how to take the ass out of being assertive.  What to say and why.  Why talking with clients is so hard and what to think instead.

Right out the gate, the first Summit focuses on a problem every entrepreneur faces at some point.  You dread the pricing conversation.  The mere whisper of How much do you charge sends your heart racing at a million miles an hour.  You know, that conversation.

Teaching You to Handle the Hardest Conversations

I wanted to tackle this conversation.  This is personal.  I had a crushing experience that we talk about in the webinar that really pushed me, and my business, in a new direction.  The Universe always intended for me to talk about being connected to each other.  What I didn’t know until now is these are the conversations I’m supposed to help you find connection in.  The hard ones like saying your price; talking about your business with your non-entrepreneur spouse; or firing a client.   This is my purpose and the Universe reminds me daily.

What was the Summit like?

Fun. We walked through the step-by-step process for creating a Pricing Statement during today’s Summit.  It’s easy yet complex at the same time.  Then, we do some live mentoring, which is always fun. We roleplay a bit and get into it.  This time we found some dazzling gems on the trail (the trail up the mountain of success, you know)

Mentoring Gems

My mentee, who runs an online cookie basket extravaganza,  got some eye-opening insights from the Summit.  She realized that she makes her pricing conversation hard because of her assumptions about the client and how much time they have.  Do you assume you have to answer questions and get to a sale quickly?

She thought she had to be fast in telling her price and convince her client before saying her price.  Happily, she discovered  otherwise.  In fact, because she is naturally curious and likes to talk with clients she can use that to her advantage in the pricing conversation.  She off practicing right now, I bet.  Cool beans.


Pricing Statement Formula

Express excitement & gratitude +
highlight the benefits you provide for client (logic) & of working together (emotion) +
context + your number= your powerful pricing statement


What’s next?


We’re on a roll.  I’d love to have you join our next Summit or the new Bootcamp!  Next for me, you ask?  Cold beer, The Glee Project and maybe a nap…



Say Your Price Summit- July 10

Say Your Price Bootcamp

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