The best thing to do is start, Entrepreneur

This is what it feels like to cross the starting line in the Boston Marathon. A weird mix of exhaustion, pend up excitement, jubilation and a smudge of fear. I’m an entrepreneur who launched.

Starting from the middle

My ex was an avid runner who finished 8 marathons before hanging up his running shoes.  My job was to meet him along the route with water and inspiration so I never actually saw the starting line before.

I never saw the hordes of runners packed together straining to hear the starting gun to begin their journey.  I always wondered what the first running step would feel like when  months and months of preparation are put into action.  But I couldn’t imagine it.  Now, I know.

Creating my Grand in your Hand Giveaway for Solopreneurs was an act of bullheadness on my part, for sure.  I’d never created or organized a free event before but I sure as heck knew how mad I was.   Did you know that on average a solopreneur makes about $25,ooo a year.  Blows my mind!  It seemed crazy to me that these entrepreneurs were not making more profit or boosting their income higher.

Making the leap

I wanted to do something to help all the entrepreneurs I saw online struggling with making money and attracting clients.  Not because they weren’t smart small business owners or talented or dedicated.

These are great entrepreneurs who’d do anything for a client but couldn’t seem to do the right things for their business.  During my twenty years of being self-employed, I’d met so many wonderful people plugging away for love and honor.  Heck, I’ve been there, wishing for a little more help, time, money. So I made an imperfect leap. And got rewarded, so far, with an awesome journey.

I brought together an amazing group of experts to share their best tips, tools and talents with you on how to boost your income. Not just once, but month after month.  They’re sharing their systems and what keeps them on the path to success for free.  Hence the name :)

The Universe stretches

I’ve had really amazing stuff coming to me and I’m so grateful.  But then again, that’s how the universe works.  When you stretch, it’s stretches to meet you.

For instance, I set a few pre-launch numbers as goals.  I wanted 20 partners but thought I’d be thrilled with 10.  I have 14 excellent Partners who represent the critical business systems for startups.  Why because I took the leap and asked! I asked Alicia Forest, someone I really admire,  to consider becoming a Partner  and she gladly accepted.

I wanted 50 early bird registrations to prove my concept worked.  I took the leap and shared!  I got 48 early birds before launch.

The universe loves a good leap.  When I got iffy customer service from  plugin I purchased to run the back-end of the Giveaway,  I had a choice: feel sorry for myself and whine or find a better solution.   I took the leap and built my own site.   Turns out I had a lot of great resources on my own hard drive. I figure out how to go around that obstacle and got rewarded with a great site and a big confidence boost.

When in doubt on how to use social media or finish the launch or write an online course, I opened my heart and asked.  The universe sent the exact Experts to  give me step-by-step instructions.  The universe has my back again.  And I have yours-come get your gifts

Why am I telling you this. 

Because the best thing to do is start and sometimes you have to be told.

Whatever it is that you want to try– your own giveaway event, Google Hangout web interview series, local events– DO IT NOW.

So often I find I’m waiting for the perfection conditions to try something new.  I need to get it right. This Giveaway taught me the value of recognizing when the conditions are okay for right now and seizing the opportunity.

That average salary thing really, really bothers me. My mind began to unconsciously look for ways to change that.  You know, how after you get pregnant, you see pregnant women everywhere?  Your mind selects that item to focus on, recognizes it then presents it to you.  Don’t you love brain science?  I do.

That’s how the Giveaway came together.  Right after I decided to do something, my ideas arrived along with a boatload of resources, new friends and mentors and confidence.  And, momentum.  I’m using all this energy to propel me into finishing my pet project. I’m not sure how to describe it except to I plan to make networking pretty again.

I’d love to hold your hope for an upcoming project and propel you a bit.  Tell me about the project you want to start in the comments.


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