How do you spot your Best Client?

One of my favorite kinds of kitchen therapy is attempting to copy food I’ve enjoyed in restaurants.  It’s fun culinary detective work.  You have a basic idea to start.  Then, you tweak it, trying different combinations until you find success. My latest victories: dan dan noodles and Chinese broccoli- yum.

How to Spot your Best Client

Same principle works for spotting your Best client in a crowd of prospects.  I call it Client-spotting.  That’s my name for identifying clients who totally get you and appreciate your work. You create a recipe and tweak it until it feels good to you. The difference between your ideal client and best client is the recipe. I intentionally called it that because a) I love cooking and b) you won’t always want the same things in the same quantities.   For instance, I like garlic…a lot.  I use it in almost everything that I cook but not the same amount.

A bit of fun

It can take a while to figure out what tastes yummy to you.  So, here’s a fun exercise you can do to refresh your memory. think about your very best group experience, whether it was work, sports or volunteer work.  Ask yourself: what specifically about this group and these people make you feel special?  Write down your answer, without censoring yourself, using lots of adjectives.  Then think about your clients and how they compare.

Absolutely come back and share what you discovered so we can all learn!



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