Sounding Board Session

Solopreneurs and Self-Employed Folks

What if you had rock-solid confidence about speaking your truth?

Reflect. Connect. Be Heard & Prosper!

Your safe place to get clarity, insights and support, Solopreneurs

What would your life  be like without worries and fears?

Close your eyes and imagine how much would change in your  relationships at work and at home. Feel what it’s like to be at peace with yourself and the world.

Sadly, most of us let fear, doubt and worry rule our lives and our thoughts. Think about it…

  • You don’t speak your mind because someone might criticize you.
  • You don’t speak your mind because someone might think you’re not nice.
  • You don’t speak your mind because any client is better than none.
  • You don’t select better clients because you might fail, and failure hurts.
    You hold back, because it’s “safer.”

Sailboats are safe in the harbor, but that’s not what they were built for.  Sailboat

What if you could think differently?

  • What if you could stand up straight and speak your truth in the moment?
  • What if you could ask for what you want and need without feeling needy or guilty or wrong?
  • What if you could calmly, confidently face whatever came your way?


Imagine running your business fearlessly

without hesitation, stress, doubt

…and reaping the benefits!

You  can have all of that because you can access the wisdom, strength
and power that already lives inside of you.

Guess what?

Since you were small you were taught NOT to be your powerful, strong self. You heard messages like-

  • Nice girls don’t fight.
  • If there’s a problem, tell the teacher.
  • Please get try to along with everyone.
  • Good work speaks for itself.
  • It’s not nice to blow your own horn.

Once you let go of those well-intentioned, yet harmful messages and beliefs that hold you back, you’ll see a new, stronger, more confident you emerge.

Imagine…what your life can be like when

  • your natural confidence & power is revealed and you can do what you choose, not what others want.
  • you can decide to say no to extra work, more stress and toxic clients.
  • your self-esteem is sky-high, you’re happy,  and NOT to living to meet the expectations of others.

Become Fearless!

You’ll see amazing shifts that lift up your relationships, your income, and even your health and spirits. You’ll become fearless- able to face whatever comes your way with confidence and hope.  If you’d like to take back control in your business and life, Sounding Board Sessions are for you.


Sounding Board Sessions

Hi, I’m Dina Eisenberg.  Former attorney.  Mediator. Ombudsman.  Some folks call me a ‘Client Whisperer’ because I  know the right thing to say ( and how to say it)  to fix sticky situations or deal with toxic clients.  My life’s work is devoted to helping you find your voice and power and use them both wisely.  And, I’ve taught thousands of people to be better communicators and negotiators.

I crafted my private mentoring program, Sounding Board Sessions, to give you a safe place to look at what happened (or is happening) from distance, grab a fresh perspective and think through workable solutions.

During your Sounding Board Session

Stop driving yourself crazy with what ifs and I shouldas. You and I will sit down and think thru your lingering questions like…

  • was it me or something else?
  • what can I do to solve this?
  • how do we get along better?
  • how can I say no?
  • what if ?
  • what now?
  • how can we work this out?

We’ll peel back the onion layers til we get to the heart of the matter. (yes, that’s a mixed metaphor; it’s a mediator thing)

What you get….

Dina Eisenberg | Client Whisperer

Dina Eisenberg, Client Whisperer




I love to see women step into their own power.  It’s such a magical thing; I smile just thinking about all that joy.  So, if we work together, you get your own business mensch (that’s me- a person of integrity and honor) who’s got your back.

  • I’ll be your amplifier, listening to your inner voice, showing you how to turn the volume up.
  • I’ll be your mirror, reflecting back to you what you might not see on your own.
  • I’ll be your coach, showing you what works so you can bring your ‘A’ game to client relationships and where you need improvements.

 How does it work, you ask?  Conflict coaching is a bit different than conventional coaching so let me answer the most popular questions I get asked about Sounding Board Sessions.

1. What can you help me with?  We can focus on whatever you want: reveal at your conflict style and how to use it well; talk through a situation so you can understand it better or find a workable solution; think through how to have a better relationship with your clients, co-workers; talk through firing a client or plan how to share news like you’re raising your rates!  The thing to remember is: you are in control; Our talks are confidential and I’ll never insist you do anything you don’t want to.

2. How long are the Sessions?  It would be impossible to get to know you, your business and your goals in a single session.  To best assist you, there are two (2) Sounding Board Sessions, each one is 5o minutes long.   We’ll chat by Skype (or Google hangout) each week as well as  use my private coaching platform to continue our conversation.

3. Is this private?  Yes, it’s absolutely private.  I took an oath when I became a mediator to act ethically and to keep confidentiality unless that would cause harm. (like, if you tell me you murdered a client- all bets are off )   I create a safe, non-judgmental, confidential space for you to be yourself, say what you will and get clarity.

 4. How does a Sounding Board Session help my business?  Consider this.  80% of self-employed said they spent 1-3 hours a week stomping out client fires.  Do the math.   You’re potentially losing hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars when you procrastinate about having difficult conversations or fold like origami whenever a client pressed you to do more for less.   According to a recent study, self-employed folks lose $6K a year in unpaid wages, and I bet it’s even higher than that.

What if you work inside an organization?  Even better because you can get friendly support from an unbiased neutral who knows what happens inside companies and can guide you.

After your Sessions, you’ll be ready and able to speak up for what you want and deserve.

5. What do I get exactly? You get 2 mentoring sessions with me, your conflict style assessment & my expert strategies.  Most importantly, I think, you walk away with a new sense of your power, your ability to influence in a good way and less fear about the consequences.

6. How much do the Sessions cost?   My Ombudsman rate was pretty high at $400/hr so in comparison this is a deal.

After all, this is an investment in your future and yourself, really.  You’ll gain invaluable life-skills that last a lifetime and can improve your confidence so many relationships.  Save by taking the full pay at $597 or  choose the 2 pay option at $700 (2 payments of $350, two weeks apart).

7. Is there a guarantee?   I want you to be happy.  You have my  Risk Free, One Question Guarantee.  If after two sessions you’re not happy, I’ll cheerfully return the fees for remaining three sessions with one question, how can I do better?  guarantee

8. How do we get started already?!  Excellent question!   Click the checkout button and submit your application and I’ll get right back to you shortly.

Why have an application form?  Well, I’m kinda an ‘all in’ girl.  When I take on a mentoring client I think about you and your needs like 24/7.  I’m dedicated and I only work with folks who are see the value in this work, respect my time, are ready & willing to make changes and will hold themselves accountable.  (The application lets us both know whether this is a good fit. You’ll be promptly refunded if we’re not)