3 Reasons to Smile!

What great news I have to share. This has really been a red banner week at Speak Up for me and my team.

Grin #1- I’m Featured on Bridal Attraction!

I had the big honor of being featured by Natalie Bradley, founder of Bridal Attraction and High-End Bride Coach. We share a passion for helping wedding entrepreneurs create fabulously profitable businesses. Her Success Circle is the bomb!

We were virtual friends and colleagues until last year when I finally got a chance to throw a hug on her when we were faculty for the NAWP conference. She appreciates my work and I surely recommend hers.

I’m grinning from ear to ear because I’m touched that a seasoned, principled guru like Natalie selected me to share with her audience.

Grin #2- Jiffy Expert Nina Kaufman is nominated for a Small Business Influencer Award!

Beaming with pride for my friend Nina who is a contributor to my Jiffy Expert Interview Series. You know, what you need to know to run a successful business- in a jiffy!  Sponsored by Small Biz Trends, the site describes the award this way:

The Small Business Influencer initiative honors contributors who have made a significant impact on the North American small business market

Nina  was nominated in the Experts category.  And, boy is she! The legal side of business isn’t the most sexy but it’s pretty essential to get this piece right…right from the start. Nina  launched her firm, Ask the Business Lawyer, in 1996 and has helped thousands of small business owners like you and me  with cost effective legal advice.  Her site is full of informative articles on all the top subjects.

I see so many solopros who don’t use a terms of service or other disclaimers on their site.  It’s like going out without an umbrella when the weatherman says it’s an 80% chance of rain.  Very likely you will be soaked.  I asked Nina to give us some insight on why your terms of service are important during her Jiffy Expert Interview. If you don’t have this essential protection on your website, listen to what Nina has to share- quick!    (my little treat for you-free!)


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Grin #3  Dina Eisenberg is nominated for a Small Business Influencer Award!

Cool, huh.  I was nominated too.  It’s really gratifying to know that my clients appreciate the results we grow together.  I’d love it if you would vote for me.  I certainly don’t expect to win, but as they say, it’s nice to be nominated.  Recognition- being seen- whether it’s in a big way like this, or in smaller, every day ways is good for the soul…and business.

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