What surprises you about being self employed?

Lots of things change when you shift from become a corporate escapee and open up your own shop as an online business consultant. That’s the good bit, right. You wanted to change your work life and have more control.

Some bits you were probably expecting. Like wearing every hat imaginable-marketer, PR, sales, assistant, bookkeeper, creative director…. you get the picture. You’re juggling a lot when you start up and that, in and over itself, can be overwhelming.

Some parts of entrepreneurship were probably a big surprise to you like  starting to work with virtual clients.  Sounds great to start- who doesn’t want clients,  but there are some, eh, unknown issues.  Sorta like when you’re pregnant and  no one tells you that your ribs will move and  how weird that is.  When that happened to me my thought was eww, so why didn’t anyone mention this part?

No malicious mommy conspiracy.  That physical pain  is simply a part of the whole baby experience that doesn’t immediately come to mind when you think having a baby.  (But I bet you went ohh, yeah I remember that)

Same thing with being self-employed and taking on the job of chief client manager.  There are surprises, even if you were doing the same thing . It’s a big difference when the clients are actually yours.  And, no one really thinks to tell you about that… until now!


Pay it forward and tell a newbie what you wish someone had shared with you when you first started your consulting company.

What was your biggest surprise when you started working with  clients and how did you handle it?


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  1. Dina Eisenberg |Speak Up Powerfully
    4 years ago

    So if you were standing here, Deidre, I’d be throwing a HUGE hug on you! You totally got it! YOU decide. Your business is your home. Don’t invite anyone inside you don’t ADORE! I like the way you said that, ‘desperation leads to disappointment’- I might borrow that ;)

  2. Deidre
    4 years ago

    My biggest surprise was that they would try to run all over me. Even if they had never worked with a solopreneur before, somehow they figured it gave them the right to manage me. Older people who hired me thought I should be treated like one of their children. Cheap people thought they could do some of the work themselves to save money on my fees. Busy people thought that I would agree to meet whenever they were available and understand when they missed appointments without calling.

    My second biggest surprise was that I could choose the type of clients I wanted, i.e., desperation leads to disappointment. Thank you, Dina!

    The consultation is a weapon that also screens the client. Use it.

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