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Coworking is a global sensation. Today, I’m chatting with Rachel Young of Camaradrie Coworking in Toronto Canada. (Yes, actually Toronto, not British Columbia).

Rachel really reminded me how room there is for diversity of thought in the coworking community. You can define your community and your environment just about any way you want. What I love is that Rachael created a space that was ‘near home and like home’. Looks so comfy I bet a member of two might forget to take off their jammies.

We’re mixing things up today and doing a live Hangout.  Join us, if you can at 3:15 PT and 6:15 ET on Google On Air Hangout with Dina Eisenberg

OK there’s our chat.  A couple of Google issues didn’t keep up from having a great conversation.  Listen to what Rachel says about community and timing. Very important.

Rachel Young

Chronicles of Rachel Young, Camaraderie

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