16 Power Tips to Live By

Everyone needs a little inspiration, especially entrepreneurs who are superheros striving to change the world.  I stumbled across a list of 100 tips on how to love your business on one of my favorite sites, In Good Company.  These gals really get it.  Definitely read this post and the entire site.  Your business will thank you.

Power Tips for a Happy Business- Dina Style

Of course, I immediately began thinking of what would be on my list.  I’m taking my time gathering these gems,  here are the first few:

  1. Say when you don’t know. It’s powerful & immediately boosts credibility
  2. Ask for what you want, not what you think others want you to want. Your business, your way- baby!
  3. Say what matters most to you. (Those who matter won’t mind. Those who mind don’t matter- Dr. Seuss!)
  4. Keep your promises to yourself.  If you break trust with you, how can others trust you?
  5. Connect with empathy.  You have been there. That connection is what makes lifelong customers and colleagues.
  6. Use your compassion to make a difference- your talents/gifts can help your clients change their lives.
  7. There is always another way.  Look around sometimes it’s backwards or sideways instead of ahead.
  8. Stop asking for permission.
  9. Make a decision and take inspired action like the superhero you are!
  10. Practice saying no to others and yourself. Sometimes that’s the right answer.
  11. Never miss a chance to be the source of sunshine for someone.
  12. Work on growing someone else.  The stretch will do you good.
  13. Laugh first.  It  transforms bad to bearable quick.
  14. Just tell the truth. It does work, even in business.
  15. Learn something every day. Teach something every day.
  16. Be as candid as you can- nicely.  Beating around the bush is disrespectful & damaging to others and yourself.

OK it’s your turn.  Add your power tip for a happy business in the comments.  I can’t wait to read it!



Couple more gems unearthed…

  1. No excuses. Either you did it or you didn’t. The reason is irrelevant.
  2. If you don’t ask, you absolutely don’t get.
  3. Better to say sorry than ask for permission.

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