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Partner Terms & Conditions

Please take a minute to read through the Partner Terms.  It contains all the juicy information, rules and what not you’ll want to know.

Grand in Your Hand Giveaway for Solopreneurs

Date of the Event

June 3-14, 2013 – 12 sweet days in total

Event Concept

Our mission, should you choose to accept it, is to provide a high quality, highly actionable gift that allows the guests to find or create new income in their business.  Our challenge => find $100k in hidden wealth for deserving solopreneurs!


Contributing- contribute gift and spread the word with their tribe and beyond

Promotion- spread the word with their tribe and beyond

Please see below for Promotion Partner Information

Contributing Your Swell Gift

Each Contributing Partner is asked to offer one (1) gift on our common Gift download page for the event.  Your gift may be a service or product, must by originally created by you, and of course, must provide an exceptional value to our guests.

Ready to submit your Gift? Great, please fill in the Application form at the bottom of the page.

The Gift Approval Process

To ensure this is a high-value event, we are carefully screening to include actionable advice that add great value to our guests.  We hope you’ll understand that not every application will be approved.  Submit your application and gift early for the best position on the page.


Requirements for you, Contributing Partner

There are 3 simple, easy steps we ask you to take care of:
Submit all your gift related information by the deadline. (see below)
Prepare your gift download/opt-in page and autoresponder series to deliver your gift and follow up. (see below)
Promote the heck out of the event (see below)

Submitting Your Gift Information

Here’s the gift information we need from you as a Contributing Partner (please note deadline):

  • Your final Gift Title
  • Your final Gift Description (up to 80 keyword rich words)
  • Your beautiful Photo so we can feature your grin on the event page (120×120)
  • Your Bio  (100 word max)
  • Your Gift Image (200×200)
  • The URL of your Gift page (where guests download their gift)

Can’t wait to see them!  Once your Gift is approved and your fees are paid, you’ll be added to the Event Gift page.  Get moving if you’d like to be at the top of the page- it’s first come, first served.

Preparing Your Gift Download Page

You’re going to create a lovely gift page for guests who visit you to sign up for your gift.  We wanted to have a professional look and feel, so hear are a few guidelines

We REQUIRE that your opt-in page contain:

The event banner
A short yet value driven description of your Gift
Your opt-in form for accessing your Gift
The addition of this disclaimer at the bottom on the page:

All Grand in Your Hand Contributing Partners are independent business owners collaborating with GIYH for this event. No partnership is implied.”

Your  Opt-in Page may contain:

Your own logo and branding
Your one-time offer
An upsell offer to an affiliate product or service
More information about you and the great results you bring to clients

Once completed, please email your Gift Download/Opt-in page URL and our affiliate link to us by the deadline at  Failure to make the deadline may make you ineligible to participate.

Delivering Your Gift

Please be sure that your Gift is easily accessible and that you provide crystal clear instructions on how guests can claim their gift.

Start your autoresponder subject line with [GrandinHand] as an attention-getter and reminder. Be sure to get your gift out right away while your guests are still excited about them and you! ( we all get busy).   You’ll be asked to share your final opt-in numbers after the event.

Promoting Grand in Your Hand

We’re all in this together, so it’s our combined promotional efforts that will make success for all of us.  I’m sure there’s going to be quite a number of folks who rock this.  I have a little surprise for whoever reaches numero uno on the leader board.

Because our event is only 12 days long we really have to get the word out fast and furiously and we need you to do your very best.

Contributing Partners are responsible for promoting the Giveaway via your social outlets and mailing lists at least three (3) times: 1 pre-event, 1 launch day and 1 last event day.  One contact must be a solo email.  Of course, you’re encouraged to share the Giveaway even more, so we can find more hidden wealth for solopreneurs and quickly grow your list.

Promotional Partners

Promotional Partners are responsible for promoting the Giveaway via your social outlets, forums, and advertising systems, including 1 launch day and last day announcement. You receive a text or small graphic link back to their site at the bottom of the page.

Promotion Materials

We got you covered!  To make this super easy and fun, we took care of all the promotion copy- letters, tweets, even an article to share.  All you have to do is cut & past, use your unique link and hit the send button, baby!  You’re free to use the copy as is or put your own spin on it.

You’re Gonna Be Part of a Movement!

Our Contributing Partners (that’s you) and our Promotion Partners (those who spread the word in exchange for being featured on the Gift Page without sharing a gift) are gonna make some noise with this event.

Every virtual assistant wants to grow her business and is eager to have tools to help her do that.  Problem is, she’s busy serving her clients.  By building the buzz and participation you’ll help thousands of solopros to move confidently to the next level. Doesn’t get easier to talk about than that.

PLUS– we’ll be promoting this innovative Giveaway on social media, specific VA forums and blogs as well as with a contest to pump up interest.

This event is going to be huge!  We’ll keep in touch on a

Let’s make it bigger, shall we?  Please share the name of one expert you think we really should have join in as a:
Contributing Partner (shares a gift, participation fee)
Promotion Partner (no gift or fee)

Send us their name(s) and website(s) at  with ‘please invite’ in the subject line and we’ll send them an invite.

Event Timeline ( write this on your calendar now)

Here’s the snapshot of what’s going to happen and when for you.

May 5  Partners invited and applications are approved
May 17- Gift Information must be submitted (your photo, gift image, final title & description, bio)
May 24- Gift Opt-in page must be up, tested and links submitted (Page url and affiliate)
May 26-May 1 Preview the event to your mail list or tribe
June 3-  Opening Day! Send the Launch Promo Email
June 4-14- Send out 1-2 Promo emails
June 12-14- Send ‘It’s almost gone’ Closing Promo Email
June 14-  Send ‘It’d be a shame if you missed out’ Last Day Email

We will send regular status updates and reminders of upcoming deadlines, information or next steps so we all stay on the same page and GIYH becomes the most impactful, talked about, successful event of 2013.

Good & Getting Better

We all benefit by looking at what went well and what we can do differently next time.  All Partners are asked to take a short survey following the event. And,  if you really liked the event, we’d ask for a testimonial, too.

Catching the Spirit!

You have a wonderful transformation to share with our guests.  With your help, they will find new inspiration, tools, support to carry on their mission and….the money they always dreamed of earning.  You’re about to rock their world and we hope you feel proud about that- we do!  Remember our challenge is to find $100k in hidden wealth!!

A couple more helpful thoughts…

Make the fit right.  Spend time really thinking about how your gift can specifically help a virtual assistant to find or create more wealth in her business.  Not something generic you pulled out of your hard-drive.

What’s the natural next step to cash? Think about what you can promote as your paying offer that solves the next problem a guest might have after working with your gift. What will make it easier for her to get the results she wants? Add [GrandinHand] in your subject line to build familiarity and trust.

Treat everybody like they’re  part of your tribe.  Treat our guests like they’re worth gold because- they are! Be friendly and responsive. The excitement you bring to transforming businesses and lives will be so infectious…and attractive to new subscribers.

Stay on their radar, gently yet persistently.  You know what it’s like to get 50 ‘buy my thing’ emails a day.  That’s not the experience we’re after. Make your follow up personal and useful- suggest an article, answer a question, check in on progress.  Most of us stop after 2 or so touches with prospective clients  but studies show it takes more than 5 before you capture a prospect’s attention.

Spread the word, strategically.  The more we all spread the word, the faster and bigger this Giveaway will grow in visibility.  Yet we don’t want to be spammy.  Take a minute to think about who in your tribe, which forum groups or bloggers will resonate with the message of finding hidden income or creating new income streams.

Got Questions?

Good,  we got milk, eh answers.  Shoot your questions to us at

Here’s to all of us having a smashing time and building wealth one solopro at a time!


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NOTE:  To be fair to all,  Partners who don’t comply with the terms and conditions may be removed from the Partners community and have their gift de-listed from the Gifts page at our sole discretion.