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Hey, it’s Dina Eisenberg-  Client Whisperer, award-winning business coach and mediator and long-time Solopreneur here.

I have a real affection for my fellow solopreneurs- you know, those wonderful, talented superheros who rush in to rescue their clients from disaster and save the day.

Dedicated to their craft, hard-working and honest, these small business owners don’t always get their due- or the money they expected when they launched their business.

Did you know that the average solopreneur earns $25,000 a year? That’s way too little money for all care and value they invest in the world. I got pissed and decided to do something about it. I created…



I’m a HUGE fan of collaboration–a rising tide raises all boats.  We all get better together.

GIYH is one big collaboration of our talents, insights, expertise and tools for the benefit of us all. I’m bringing together the best big hearted, transformational experts I know to share their business-changing gift and advice with the solopreneur community. We’re uplifting  entrepreneurs by giving them one of your most effective strategies for uncovering, or creating, $1k in their business!



You are invited to become a Partner of this Giveaway and join our Partner Community.  We’re doing this giveaway Dina-style, which means connecting with like-minded business owners for ongoing support and networking.

We’ve selected a really vibrant, diverse group of Partners to invite. As we get to know each other on our private Facebook page, there’ll be plenty of opportunity for exchanging affiliate links and collaborating on more projects.  My fondest wish would come true if our Partner Community created $100k in new wealth for themselves as well as our guests.


Most solopros would do cartwheels for ideas that put an extra grand in their pocket each month. I remember those days, don’t you? Because  solopros work hard for their clients, they don’t have the time, energy, or focus to hunt down the best business solutions for themselves.  That’s where we come in!


Grand in Your Hand Giveaway for Solopreneurs is a free event  where experts, like you, share their best tip on how to find a hidden $1k or create one in their business.

We identified  20  key business topics for growth and profit;  each topic will have up to 3 experts who provide an audio, webinar, book, etc with a useful strategy.  You’re featured and get the full attention of our highly motivated guests.

Participation is by application only. It’s nice to know that we’re a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who want to network and collaborate with you before, during and after the event is over.  Imagine what that would do for spreading your message and boosting your bottom line!


This experience is unique because it’s NOT simply a free event.  It’s a campaign to change the lives of thousands of deserving entreprneurs now and in the future.

This Giveaway is for all solopreneurs, but we have a special focus on the virtual assistant industry, one of the fastest growing home-based business segments according to the Wall St. Journal and NY Times.   Entrepreneur Magazine says it’s one of the top 15 home-based businesses for growth potential.

These emerging and veteran entrepreneurs need a variety of services, products and advice as they continue to grow for the next decade and we’ll be there to support them.  Nice thing is, once you’re a Partner you’ll have access to your own pool of reliable virtual resources for your business or to share with your clients.



This is an excellent way for you to build your list at warp speed. We conservatively project that your gift or message will be reach between 2-4000 new people during the Giveaway.  The great news for you is….

Your list grows by 200 targeted, interested subscribers in two weeks if just 10% of the guests select your gift. And it’s likely to be more.

Your message plays to  a larger, more diverse audience because of the blend of experts and coaches invited.

You gain visibility among experts and coaches outside your field that’s bound to lead to more opportunities. It’s the whole ‘know, like, trust’ thing at work to build your business.

You can use each and every one of the best practices to boost your business, too!



Today we are all inundated with information to learn, keep up with, access. It gets harder and harder to find the good stuff. Your tribe found you and they’ll be grateful to you for introducing them to this stellar line up of conscious experts and those money-earning tips. The lineup of topics- Automation, List-building, Success Mindset, Cash Flow, Video, Sales, Client Relations, Hiring  and more- are exactly the kind of ‘when I get to it’ topics your audience needs to hear about and with your help promoting-they will!


Normally, you have to work & work  day after day to build your list.  Here’s your chance to jump ahead. In two short weeks, you’ll be able to add hundreds of new, targeted subscribers to your list.

We know you’re busy so we’ve taken on much of the promotion duties for you.
This Giveaway will be promoted:

  • by ALL our contributors’ peeps on all platforms (can you imagine what exposure that represents?)
  • by our specially selected promotional partners’ mailing lists
  • social media outreach
  • media interviews
  • on leading VA associations
  • on VA-specific forums and blogs
  • on active Small business forums and blogs
  • on Eventbrite, Linkedin events  and other listing sites
  • via our unique visitor referral contest where participants can win great prizes for spreading the word on our event and driving targeted people to our event site!


You know that when  you add hundreds of interested subscribers to your mailing list, you increase the profits you can generate.  Here are a few ways you can also generate immediate income from being a Contributing Partner.

  • Offer another paid product from your funnel as an upsell
  • Make your upsell an affiliate product so partners can share you
  • Sign on to share the excellent gifts of the other Partners


After your application is approved, you simply send in your gift and gift  download page url to us then promote the event.  That’s easy, too, because we share the tools- tweets, posts, articles- you need to share in one quick & easy access site.


Great.  Put your name and email in the box and you’ll receive an Application  for the Giveaway event by email. (don’t forget to confirm:) )

Hope to see you there!


Dina's name



**Read the Partner Terms for details.