Now, I like oysters

I wanted to barf the first time I slurped an oyster.  It smelled fishy, ran all over my fingers when I picked it up.  I don’t recall who I was with but I’m sure eating oysters wasn’t my idea.

Years flew by before I summoned the courage to try another oyster.  This time, not so bad. Of course, I was drowning the poor thing in horseradish and cocktail sauce so I could barely taste them.  I got hooked. And living in Boston, home of amazing seafood, I was able to make a pretty serious study of all types of oysters at the finest establishments.  That doesn’t mean snooty, though.  No one who has eaten at the Union Oyster House or Neptune’s in the North End would call either of those places high-end.  High quality oyster, hells yes.

I downed dozens.  No shell was left untouched.  My hubby and I sat at the counter at Acme Oysters in New Orleans and laughed while those guys who are true artists shucked at the speed of light. I got my own knife when we got home and got busy.  Have you ever tasted  grilled oysters in garlic butter?  My stomach is growling at the thought.  The best was the outdoor oyster roast we attended in Savannah- the perfect combination of starry night, cold beer and shovels full of steamy oysters you shuck and sip.   My neighbor at the tall steel table too pity on my and showed me how to shuck faster so I could eat more.  That’s living! (That’s the grillmaster in the picture)

An Acquired Taste

Oysters are like scotch, really.  People pretend there are a ton of rules to decide a good scotch.  The only rule is: do you love it.  Same here. My favorite oysters are Island Creeks, which from Duxbury, MA.  They are a mouthful of pure joy with a light briny and sweet finish.  These babies don’t need a single drop of embellishment.  They are perfect.  And, I finally learned to appreciate them for exactly what they are.  No need to dress them up.

Where am I going with this besides my personal tour of the best oyster spots? Remember I said I’d been re-imagining everything? Well, just about everything with Speak Up Powerfully is being re-considered.  I made an assumption about you and what you’d want to know.  (Ugh, I know.  How many times have I said that old chestnut about making an ass out of u & me and I still did it!)

I thought that learning how to have a difficult conversation was not high on any solopro’s do-to list.  In fact, I commissioned a survey that came to that conclusion -65% of entrepreneurs would rather ignore a client problem than try to fix it.  I assumed that you hated oysters without even asking.

Of course the credit goes to my super emotional immune system.  It was working overtime, getting me to CYA will all kinds of in-congruent stuff. Like  I offered someone else’s stuff as my freemium hello? Marketing 101! It’s a fabulous interview on a needed topic with a very knowledgeable expert but it’s not MY message.

Here’s my message: Be Heard & Prosper!

Be heard and prosper- that’s my message.  Be  yourself and succeed as a  ‘businessperson’.  I teach you  how to have a difficult conversation with your best clients, the ones you wouldn’t want to disappoint for the world.  How to take a mishap, misunderstanding, screw up or disappointment and transform it into an opportunity to connect as humans and impress your client so they rave about you.

Learning to be a thought leader who is powerful and commands respect and acts with generosity, integrity and collaboration is an acquired taste.  Once you do though, you get to be fearless in your business and life.  You can deal with whatever comes in a positive way that grows you and your business in the process.  That is very cool!

Yet, I couldn’t quite see that until I sat down with my coach.  (You have a coach right? It’s not safe or wise to go on the climb to success without a guide., whether that’s me or someone else)  Now, I’m ready to make big changes (and share what I find along the way with you, of course.  I see myself as part sherpa, part reporter, part role model.  Let me know if I’m not living up to that.

What does that mean for you?

Good question.  I’m not entirely sure.  The blog will be more tightly focused on solving the problem of difficult conversations.  How did I choose that topic?

I’ve been talking about it in one form or another for the past 20 years.  Getting people to connect during difference haunts me!  I’m apparently I’m pretty darned good at it.  I do know I have a talent for helping people see possibilities and alternatives, and sometimes themselves, in a fresh light.

Running my own corporate consulting firm, and being an Ombudsman for a national financial institution taught me that it’s those times when someone can’t or won’t say what matters that can break a friendship, career or family.  (Big companies are just like small cities; all the same stuff happens.)  Being a mediator means I know the best ways to listen and talk to get great results in the stickiest of situations.

A new goodie is coming soon.  I’m writing a new freemium- 3 Things you can do right now to Prep for a Difficult Conversation.  You’ll learn how you can mentally prepare and get the best chance for a productive, meaningful conversation that works for you.  I’m mentioning it here to hold myself accountable.

What’s new?

The Facebook Page might change or go away. Being in conversation with you would be great.  I’m not certain that happens a lot on the page.  Do you like engaging on the page or would a more private forum be better?  Maybe a Google + Hangout… hmmm

My ezine will get a new name.  Help me with this, okay?  I’m terrible at naming things.  It’s a monthly dose of goodies in the form of blog posts that are meant to inspire you to act and think bigger with more confidence in who you are.  I like the idea that we’re part of a revolution changing the way business gets done.  But Revolutionary seems too harsh.

New Conversation Audits.  There are times when you need to get out of your own head and kick thoughts around with someone else.  So, I’m adding a Conversation Audit as an option to a Power Chat.  We’ll spend 90 minutes looking at a tough conversation you recently had or expect to have with an eye towards getting you ready, screwing up your nerve, shaping the conversation and thinking about options. Be sure you’re.  I’m starting with a handful of Audits and have something special for those who fill those first slots.

Wow, I gotta get going.  There’s a lot to do.  You have a part too.  Tell me what you want to learn.  Share what would you like to see on the blog or in my services in the comments below. Use Seymor Results as your name if you want to be anonymous.   Let’s create this together!

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