I love Outright

I love Outright and you will too.  Trust me.

For those who don’t know me well yet.  I am  number-phobic.  Math makes me cry. Well, not literally but almost.  My husband jokes that I married him so I could have my own personal human calculator.  He is MISTER Numbers. (What a pair- Miss Words and Mr. Numbers)

Anyhoo- I actively search for tools to make that side of business life bearable.  Outright is my tool of choice.  It organizes your small or microbusiness in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

I did Quickbooks the online version. Expensive and I couldn’t do it myself.  With Outright, I’m in the drivers seat. And, the software is kinda like my GPS.

Like today, I got an email telling me  my profit for the month.  Sweet, right.  Want to know how much you made last year in one blink?  Bammm-it’s at the top of my profile to help with taxes.

The cool geeky thing is that Outright integrates with your financial accounts

  • checking
  • savings
  • credit cards
  • Paypal

and puts them on one easy to read, visual heavy web page.  I just have to glance to see how my cash flow is running at any given time.

Of course, it comes with an app, so you can watch your money pile up while you’re on the road. I think the combo of Outright app and my Square is gonna be dynamite for mini-product sales after a speaking gig.

Whatever excuse  you had for not being on top of cash flow is toast now that Outright is around.  Just sayin…

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  1. Laura
    5 years ago

    Thanks, Dina! We love you too! We are so glad that we’ve been able to help you. Have a great (and hopefully sunny) weekend. – Laura M. from Outright

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