Okay What Now Interview | Tess Strand

VA Forums is well respected in the VA world. It’s the brainchild of my friend and guest, Tess Strand. You know how guys have bromances?

Well, I immediately hearted Tess when we chatted because she has such a clear sense of what herself and what works for her business.  Definitely on my Fearless Thought Leader List.

Tess, who is the curator and founder of Virtual Assistant Forums, helps you brainstorm and use processes that tip the balance of work to profit in your favor.  Nice!  She’s also the author of the very popular book, Become a Virtual Assistant.

Our Interview

We used Google Hangout for our interview, which is a very cool tool.  My prediction G+ will be bigger than Facebook.


Virtual Assistant Business Jumpstart is a 6-week online class for new and aspiring virtual assistants designed around the Become a Virtual Assistant title; covering all aspects of startup and business launch including business registration, contracts, target market, retaining clients, and more.


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