Attract your Ideal Client-Not!

Picture yourself with a schedule filled with clients who appreciate you, your talents and  gladly to pay what you’re worth.  That’s not a pipe dream.  It can be your reality. You just have to talk to the right people.

It’s no secret that finding your ideal client- the person who wants the solution you have to offer- is a good thing.   There are tons of free resources you can use to figure out who would be ideal for you.

Marketing gurus suggest  questions like:

  • What group of people fascinate me?
  • Which of their problems could I happily spend all day solving?
  • Do they know they have this issue and are they willing to pay to solve it?
  • What results do people typically seek me out for?

Great questions that will definitely help you get clearer, but not the whole enchilada. The basic question entrepreneurs forget to ask is: which clients don’t I want?

Seems crazy, right, since every client looks golden when you’re just starting out.  Why would I turn any client away,
I hear you wondering.

Not every client is right or reasonable.  My law prof used to say that people are like eggs.  Some are fragile, others cracked, others are remarkable strong. You have to take them as you find them, not as you wish them to be.

I agree with the acceptance part. I always want to embrace my client where she is on her journey to powerful.  That also means I’m a lot more picky about the clients I choose.  You gotta open the crate and check the eggs before you buy them.  Same with clients, you gotta know which ones are not meant for you and leave them alone!

Shift your focus, for a moment, from what can I offer clients to what would I like my work experience to be?

To get started, think about  how you do your best work and with what kind of people.  There are a couple of ways to answer that.

1. Look at your best client experience to date.  What did it feel like? What made it special? What beliefs/ideas did you share that made it a wonderful experience. Not launched yet, even better! Craft your create client!

2. Review your worst client experience or feared experience.  What worries you the most?  And, why? How can you set rules or systems that reward the opposite behavior?

3. Think mechanics- how do you like to communicate to your day is focused? What style of decision-making works best for you?  How would you prefer to deal with delays or setbacks?

When you have a clear vision of what your ideal client and work situation is you’re more likely to manifest that into reality.  You’re also able to say no to clients who don’t quite match up.

I know you were raised right so excluding some people may go against your manners.  You have permission to select who you want to work with.  My philosophy is that everyone deserves my help but no one is entitled to it.  I choose.  You’re the boss and you can choose, too.

What was your best client experience like?




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