Heck no, newbies don’t have to charge less!

I’m just starting out so I don’t think I can charge the same as everyone else. Sound familiar? Maybe you said that when you first launched your small business. Maybe, that’s what you’re thinking right now about your startup.

How much do I charge is a question I get a lot of. The answer, of course, is the right price- the one that your client feels great about that honors your hard work.

But when you’re a newbie who is just starting out, doesn’t have (m)any clients, and isn’t quite sure that your solution is better than white bread, you don’t have an idea about what the right price is.

Lemme help.

I firmly believe that as a newbie you don’t have to charge less! You have an advantage and I’m gonna show it to you.

Your advantage is exactly the thing you’re worried about: your new-ness.

When I first left practicing law, I opened consulting firm that provided conflict management training, coaching and strategy to the financial services sector. It was kinda comical because at the time all I knew about banking was using the ATM.

But they had problems that I had solutions for- good ones.  So, they took a chance and got more in return than expected.  Word got around within the large company and around town.

Somewhere mid-career as a mediator and Ombuds I realized a simple truth.  No one cares how stuff gets fixed.People want their stuff fixed now. You can have credentials up the wazoo but what matters is the result.

Don’t believe me?  Let me ask you this. Do you want to enjoy that italian sausage before the game or wonder how the butcher made it?  I thought so.

Sure, you can wait until someone anoints you as an experienced expert who earns XXX.  But why?  Go out and help someone and be well paid to do it.  You both win.

If you’d like to get clearer on your pricing- you’re invited to join me at my Say it Summit.

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