Speaking up to a Needy Client

Today, I ranted.  Just a bit.  After all, I was chatting with Barbara Saunders, who teaches solopreneurs how to  go from freelance to flourish, about setting expectations. That always gets me a little hot under the collar.

Way too many solopros (read: YOU)  launch their businesses without a single expectation or rule in place.  Then, you’re frustrated when clients don’t work the way you want.

Hello?  You’re the thought leader.  You set the rules in your business.  We talked about why that’s especially hard for women entrepreneurs.  You advocate for your kids, husband, community, school, right.  So, how come you don’t speak up for you?

Listen in as Barbara and I discuss the three most popular difficult client styles: needy, difficult and disorganized.  Why waiting to be recognized for a good job doesn’t work. Why giving so much of your time & energy without being paid actually feels right to you.

I also give examples of how to get your clients, particularly needy ones, to cooperate.  The hour flew by.

You can listen in here. 

Barbara joked that she’d experienced all 6 difficult client styles.  How many have you encountered?

PS Don’t dawdle.  I made a really special offer to thank Barbara and it won’t be available for long.

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