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I don’t ask you to try things I wouldn’t do.  I’m your sherpa, your guide- a few steps ahead pointing out the pitfalls and the yummy low hanging fruit on our journey to nirvana (whatever that is for you.  Mine involves travel, cocktails, foodgasms and decorating)

So, I’m writing Survey Sherpa as my mini-product to test the idea of micro-pricing, which I talked about here


What I learned so far about mini-products…

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something.  But I can’t accept not trying. ~ Michael Jordan

That’s how I feel too.  Life is about what you say yes to.   How much you’re willing to let yourself feel uncertain or be vulnerable.   Try saying yes to something a little nutty for you.   You might be pleasantly surprised and you’ll absolutely learn something…about your business and possibly yourself.

Anyhoo- here’s what I’m learning about writing a mini-product.  You know, that  bit of expertise that you’re exchanging for a small amount of cash.  In no particular order….

Know what you want the end user to do with the product

My original idea was to write a course on how to raise your prices.  Great topic that interests a lot of people.  However, I realized it was too big for my goal.  My goal is to create something:

  • informative
  • actionable
  • fun
  • fast
  • accessible

You should be able to download, read and in a very short time launch a survey that will add profit to your bottom line.  (At least, that what I plan.  You’ll have to leave comments and tell me if that’s your experience. ) When I stepped back and looked I realized I’d created not just goals for this product but for all my products.

A product promise helps

What I like about having what I’m calling a product promise is that it gives me boundaries.  Those words are like a gentle fence for my product content and format.  Can’t include it if it’s not one of those words.

I can see that my brand could evolve from this product statement.  Just like Kelly Wearstler has captured the world’s attention with her trellis and unconventional take on traditional design.  She stands out. I bet she has a product promise.

Or a more typical example is Fedex. When it absolutely positively has to be there overnight. That’s an unforgettable product promise. You get what I’m saying.  My mini-products are brand ambassadors, if you will.  They signal what’s to come from me.

Notice I didn’t say comprehensive?  A mini-product is a sip of your expertise, not the whole enchilada.  Which leads me to my next learning.


Narrow down your focus.

Did you know that only 5% of the people who purchase ebooks/ecourse actually complete them?  I heard an online guru say that 25% of his buyers never even open the first page.  Yikes.

That made me decide that my mini-products would, in fact, be mini, small, easy to finish.  Why?  Duh, I want you to finish. Feel that sense of accomplishment.  Be excited to get the results and take more inspired action.

That means I had to narrow down to one task that’s part of the larger task of raising prices: gathering data by writing a survey.  Each part of the process can have it’s own mini-course.  Nice thing about that is I get to test and improve each segment before rolling the entire thing up into a bigger, comprehensive course that gets sold at a more appropriate right price.


Consider multiple formats for sharing your product.

Survey Sherpa is a mini-course, but it could’ve been an ebook just as easily. Flexibility is the key.  Looking at the big publications like Wall Street Journal or House Beautiful, they cater to the audience by offering both an actual paper (there’s something comfortable about turning the pages, don’t you think) and digital editions.  Everyone is happy.

Survey Sherpa is a mini-course for several good reasons.  One, it’s delivered over a week so there’s less overwhelm.  Short lesson.  Short homework.  On to the next thing.

It’s also a mini-course because…it was easier for me to write.  Easier to write.  Easier to finish, which is key when you’re busy and a little  hesitant anyway.

There’s a ecourse, an ebook but no video.  How can I fail to embrace the latest marketing craze-video?  Eh, it’s not my best medium.  So that energy is better spent elsewhere.  Also, I hate to watch videos to learn.  I feel chained to the computer.  I do it but I kinda resent it.  Hence, I don’t want to subject anyone else to that.

Could I have done an audio?  I seriously considered it. It’s my best learning tool. I listen while I’m cooking dinner or cleaning.  But, going back to my product promise, the audio makes accessing the examples and worksheets too hard. I hate when I’m listening to a business book and the reader says, look at figure 5.2 when I have no pages to look at!

Lastly, keep your micro-price nearby while you’re writing

You’re a superhero like me, so you’re probably also an A type personality, too.  You like to do things well.  People have called you the p-word.  (Perfectionist)  I totally understand.

However, in this instance done is better than perfect.  Reminding yourself that the price is XXX on a little sticky keeps things in perspective.

I’m not saying don’t do you best.  One of my  Power tips is: The way you do one thing is how you do everything. I’m saying create something that fits your product promise that’s worth double or triple it’s micro-price.

That’s all for now!

I’m placing my nose firmly back in the grindstone now.  I’m sure there’ll be more to share.   If you want to get updates for the release, just send a blank email to:


Did this insider look encourage you to try a mini-product?  Lemme know in the comments, will ya?


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