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Truly.  Any successful person you can point to from Oprah to Lady Gaga will say they had help becoming their best selves.  A lot of help from people who took an interest, lit a fire, inspired.  We all have something to learn, as well as, teach each other. 

I’m happy to be your Sherpa- your friendly, knowledgeable guide- and lead the way up your personal mountain of success.


Sounding Board Session

Turn I don’t know what to say? into I got this!

Having a neutral, friendly third party sit down with you to talk over a situation is amazingly useful when you’re a solopreneur.  During your Sounding Board Session, we’ll work towards clarity.  I’ll help you to see the situation anew and reveal insights and solutions you probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Leave with a clear sense of what you want to see happen, questions that get to the heart of the matter and a plan for how to start the conversation rolling in a confident way.  Don’t be surprised if the issues begins to shift after having this empowering conversation.

Note: You’ll get the most from a Session if you’re ready to work towards a solution, open to examining your reasons and willing to take thoughtful action.

Use your Sounding Board Session to:


  • Figure out how to deal with client pushback or disrespect
  • Get past a past client problem & learn instead of replaying it endless in your mind
  • Prepare to speak up for your own interests & needs
  • Decide how to best share challenging news
  • Strengthen your ‘no’ muscle
  • Create your Client-spotting tool to you attract your Best Clients
  • Develop your own Client Embrace strategy (how you onboard clients into your biz)
  • Polish up your people skills i.e questioning, listening, persuading
  • Get expert advice on how to be powerful & generous, not pushy

Ready to get started?  Wonderful!

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Sit down with a calm, neutral and knowledgeable person (me) and discuss the situation.  We’ll take a look at the big picture and iron out the details to a workable solution together…You only agree to what works for you and you don’t have to worry about things getting out of hand.  Leave with a plan to fix what ails you.   Coming soon.
Shine brightly.  Someone else needs to see the path to where you’re at.  Dina Eisenberg


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