Are you ready to stop being pushed around, work the hours you want to work and be appreciated by your clients?

What if you could command the respect of your clients in two weeks?

Client relationships are hard.  You welcome clients with as much joy, anticipation and excitement as a first date, but you can end up with sleepless nights and a stomach tied in knots whenever you see their email or the phone rings, if things go bad.

There’s an awkward situation going on with your client or colleague.   You’ve hinted, hoped and prayed things would change but you’re facing  some rough facts and questions….

  • There’s a personality clash.
  • Your client treats you like an employee rather than another business person.
  • She asks you to do something that doesn’t sit well with your conscience.
  • Your work styles just don’t mesh.

Do you struggle through this internal dialogue that keeps you up at night…

Was this my fault?
Was I unclear in some way?
Am I just being difficult myself?

If you have no idea what to do or say to get unstuck, don’t feel bad.  You’re not alone.  Four out of five people who use my simple tactics

You can turn to forums, which are filled with supportive, friendly people, for answers.  Trouble is, it’s not clear how skillful or wise the advice you’ll get will be. And, there’s the privacy thing when you’re  working things out online.  Your friends and family love you and want to help but they just don’t understand as well as you’d like (and honestly, they probably aren’t all that interested…)


The good news is…

You have a friend in the people skills business who is ready & very able help you figure out what happened, brainstorm options, and plan your way forward in a kind, wise way that’s fair to you and your client.

You can be assertive in a positive way that gets amazing results.

Hi, I’m Dina Eisenberg.  I’m a Conflict Coach, award-winning Mediator and former attorney who since 1993 has helped thousands of business people to speak up for their businesses and themselves.dina-headshot

I was a pleaseaholic when I launched my practice, struggled with dealing with toxic clients, even though I was training in communication skills.

Man, some days it felt like my clients were out to get me.  One client demanded I drive 3 hours to present a 1 hour workshop that paid about $100.   I did it because I didn’t know how to say no, or set any boundaries. My practice was growing but my business wasn’t making money and I felt exhausted mentally and physically.

Eventually, I realized that my conflict management skills were perfect for creating really great client relationships I wanted- inspiring, fun, accountable.  And even better for preventing or managing relationships that were broken or strained.

mend it or end it header


I developed my own set of maxims, processes and systems that allowed me to be as generous and caring with clients as I want to be and still be direct, set firm expectations and uphold them when needed.  I became a Fearless Thought Leader and that totally changed how I experienced my business and my clients.  (My philosophy: everyone deserves to work with me, but no one is entitled.)

I created Mend It to teach you specific, useful and powerful communication and emotional intelligence strategies to help you gain confidence & skill at positively influencing your clients to be more respectful. I’m happy to share my insights with you so you can have the same confident, relaxed, joyous feeling in your business, too.

Mend it or End it! is designed for solopreneurs, virtual assistants, coaches and consultants so you can

  • think clearly about your situation
  • grab a fresh perspective
  • explore what you’d like to see happen
  • begin to plan for a meaningful conversation 
  • take away tools for your next conversations

Because when you’re stuck in an awkward client problem you want a solution right away, I thought about the most effective way to easily & quickly share this knowledge with you.

I came up with my special Done in a Day™ Retreat.   You bring you and your thoughts.  Spend time with me virtually (by phone and on my private coaching platform) and leave with a new solution, a lighter heart and a lot more confidence in your abilities as a business owner!

Imagine what your life and business would be like if you knew you’d never struggle awkward situations again!  smiling businesswoman



Who benefits most from a Retreat?

Whether you’re a seasoned solopro with a couple, three years under your belt who got into bad client habits or you’re an emerging entrepreneur who latched onto  challenging clients while growing your business, you will benefit from having:

  • an opportunity to slow down, step back & reflect without distraction
  • a safe space with friendly, knowledge support & free of judgment
  • expert advice on how to spot issues and brainstorm solutions that fit you
  • quick tools you can use over and over to be more confident when you communicate

If you can’t imagine yourself being confrontational, good!  Because that’s not what I share during the Retreat.  There are no dirty tricks or gimmicks to manipulate anyone.  It’s about collaborating with your client to find something that works for you both, whether that’s ending your relationship or working to repair it.

What do you get?

The goal is for you to get unstuck and find solutions that work for you!  Along with the relief and satisfaction of knowing you life will be back to normal soon, you’ll know…

  • How to diagnose the whole thing and get beyond the obvious surface assumptions
  • Step by step, how to spot your own triggers & barriers
  • How to differentiate between what’s ‘fixable’ and what’s unacceptable behavior to you
  • Simple strategies that make it easier to talk about difficult topics
  • The exact flow of a Meaningful Conversation from beginning to end
  • My exact formula for rebalancing and bouncing back after a blow
  • Word for word, sample scripts & email for you to get the ball rolling


Module 1- Looking in | What’s up with me?

Client situations come with a big box of highly charged emotions for you and your client.  This Module helps you:

  • release negative emotions you’re feeling about your client and replace it with compassion for you both
  • close the gap between intention and impact so you can see objectively again
  • cultivate a mindset that keeps self-doubt and negative self-talk at bay so you can be confident
  • explore your clients emotions and how respond  in a caring way that doesn’t obligate you

Module 2-  Looking out |What Happened?

When things get awkward between you and a client it can be hard to know what went wrong and why.  We’ll start off with a solid foundation by looking at :

  • Why the blame game traps you like a hamster on a wheel, saying the same things, getting nowhere fast
  • The Sovereign Nation of Me and what it means for you
  • A skillful way to respond when a challenging client approaches you
  • Aha moments in  your personal story

Module 3 Looking Forward  | Is it fixable?

Attracting clients takes work so you don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water.  In this module you:

  • decide consciously whether you want to mend things or not
  • consider your options for a workable solution
  • discover how to invite your client to a meaningful conversation
How will we work?
  Retreat days are a safe, private space for you to be supported while you think. We’ll kick off with a little inspiration and the opening lecture. Each Module starts with a brief lesson, summary or question & answer.

Then, you go off and do some noodling and writing on your dashboard in my private coaching platform.   Inside, you’ll be able to capture your responses, make notes and ask questions.

We reconvene at the top of the hour on the conference for the next Module. Then conclude our day by gathering to share our insights, aha moments, questions, and discuss next steps.  Best thing is you’re done in  a little over two hours.

This powerful format gives you an excellent blend of  ‘me time’ for reflection and ‘group time’ for thoughtful discussion where you can really get clear.

What’s your investment?

It’s absolutely true that what you invest in your own education is priceless.  I want to put this very unique mentoring experience into perspective for you.  Kendall Summerhawk, well-known 7 figure womens business coach says that Retreats (she calls them VIP days) should start at $997

Given that you’ll leave with possible solutions in hand to something that’s could ruin your business and re-useable tools so you can ‘rinse & repeat’ anytime trouble arises, I have to agree with her.

I really want you to see what it’s like to feel and be powerful.  To be generous with your clients because you never worry about them over-reaching.  To have fun again.  So, I decided to offer a seat at my beta Retreat at an exceptionally affordable price of $98.

Yup, a VIP day working on a solution to your icky client situation with my friendly, experienced support and all sorts of worksheets and resource materials.  (all this at a great price in exchange for your feedback)

Next Retreat:  Enrolling soon




PS: Your biggest threat…

Your biggest threat isn’t what your client will say, or even what they think about you. It’s not whether things can be resolved.  Your biggest threat is doing nothing. 

The longer you procrastinate or ignore this the harder it’ll be fix.  You’ll lose energy, enthusiasm, money and possibly your health from stress.  Eventually you’ll stop trying and be convinced that you  do deserve to be treated poorly.  Good bye self-esteem, hello burnout.

Don’t let that happen to you.  I encourage you to be brave and sign up for my Mend it or End it now!

Next Retreat: Enrolling soon- Get on the early list now!