Meet Tai Goodwin

Meet  Entrepreneur, Tai Goodwin

If you haven’t noticed, I love meeting new people and sharing them with you. As entrepreneurs we learn best from other entrepreneurs.

Today, I’m sharing my friend and colleague, Tai Goodwin, who is a champion for ‘employedpreneurs’ who want to launch their own gig.  As always, we’re having a fun conversation where we discuss:


  • Why Tai began her business focused on employees who are also entrepreneurial
  • Shares what’s included in her Launch While Working site
  • Why it’s important for women who want to earn more to launch a ‘side hustle’.
  • How do I ethically balance my day job and side hustle?
  • How technology makes your 9-5 an advantage for growing your side hustle.
  • What to consider when planning to talk to your boss about your side hustle.
  • How to present your ‘side hustle’ to your boss as a ‘win-win’.
  • Giving yourself permission to soar!

Grab your goodie from Tai, Leverage: Turn What You Know into a Product

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