Dina Eisenberg, Power Maven

Curious?  Let me tell you about my patchwork quilt of a career that ended in the perfect calling- your Power maven

Because I was argumentative toddler, my dad bet his friends that I’d grow up to be a lawyer. Don’t know if anyone paid up, but I did graduate from Suffolk Law School in Boston. My speciality was sex and drugs, and although I joke about that now, it’s no laughing matter that my clients were mainly women sexually abused by their physicians.

I’d always been interested in helping people find their voice. My work with these women allowed me to see how essential it is for every one of us to tell our stories, to say what matters to you.  There is a huge benefit to ‘being heard’, even if the circumstance doesn’t change.  There’s value in you speaking up for you.

Naturally, I fell in love with mediation, an incredibly useful way to work through disagreements (though, sadly, underused). I saw the light, left the law and considered myself ‘recovered’ from the belief that the law is the best way to maintain fairness or order. With over 100 hours of  basic and advanced coursework and training in conflict management, I launched my advisory firm for corporate clients.

The 90’s were great. Odyssey Seminars grew after American Standard found me online talking about conflict management in the workplace on AOL. (Remember when AOL was the internet?)  My firm evolved and grew until I was working with leading companies in manufacturing and banking.  My best, incredibly progressive, client invited me to join them and I became an Ombuds, a neutral problem-solver.

Although I reported to the president, I actually had 60 thousand bosses, the employees spread across the domestic US who could call me anytime to get help navigating  workplace situations. My experiences as an Ombuds taught me about the suffering that  happens in hearts and souls when your work life becomes unbearably ugly or hopeless.

So many people suffer unnecessarily, with no hope of relief, no sense of control in a workplace that confounds them.  I knew I could change that. And that’s why I launched Speak Up Powerfully. To show you that whether you work for yourself or someone else, there is a way to speak up for yourself that works and leaves you feeling proud and confident.

Whether you’re a professional woman or you’re a heart-based women entrepreneur, you’ll find two things here you need to succeed : empathy & support and the tools you need to be heard and prosper.  My coursework is designed to help you master the business situations that might otherwise hold you back with step-by-step instructions.

I’m grateful for all my accomplishments- Boston Business Journal 40 under 40 award recipient; showcased in top business magazines like Inc and Entrepreneur; guest lecturer at Harvard University and Harvard Law School; Board member of the Boston Women’s Bar Association and running a great business for the past 18 years.

What delights and gratifies me is knowing about the lives I helped change.

It’s been a big blessing in my life to learn how to ask for what I want and say my truth. I’ve been where you’re at and I’d love to help you get moving towards a more peaceful, happier future.Nothing is more thrilling for me than to watch you grow into your power and use it wisely.

Curious about my credentials? Check LinkedIn.

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