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What would you say to a client that wasn’t a good fit?  It doesn’t have to be a difficult conversation to communicate that to your client. That’s what I chatted about with Alicia Jay, my guest on Okay What Now, my video series on Google Hangout On Air.

In case you missed it, I wanted to share it again here because we’re talking about a situation that’s easy to get into. You have a great connection and tentatively accept the client only to find out something doesn’t quite click.

Nobody’s fault, but still a no go. If you’ve been there (I sure have) or think you might be (every entrepreneur has an off client relationship eventually), then you’ll enjoy Alicia’s thoughts.


Grand in Your Hand Update! The Partner Gifts are starting to roll in. I’m the lucky ducky who gets to listen, look and read them first, and I can tell you now- WOW.  You’re welcome to claim your gifts!

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