Last minute request- what would you do?

Late one afternoon, Mary, a VA,  got an email from Janice, a repeat client who had gotten to be a good friend, saying she was in a jam.

Janice had a launch coming up the next day, and she’d just noticed that the graphics had a typo. Unable to reach the person who originally did them and desperate to launch on time, Janice asked Mary if she could redo it.

Mary was in the middle of another client’s project, but she felt for Janice and agreed to help. Mary recreated several badges and headers, which took longer than expected and put her further behind in her own work.

Mary got the new images to Janice in the morning in time for the launch. Around lunch she got an email from Janice that read,

“Thanks for nothing. The font on the badges is so small no one can read our URL. You’ve got to redo them immediately before our next video goes out. This is horrible. Please call me as soon as you get this.”

Alarmed, Mary called Janice, who answered saying, “What happened? I trusted you?  I can’t read my URL!”

Mary replied, ” I did my best under the circumstances. I had to recreate the whole thing so the fonts sizes weren’t exact. ”

“Well, today’s sales are kinda blown because of this. Can you just get it fixed by tonight?”, Janice sighed. Mary reluctantly agreed. Janice is still a client but the projects she sends to Mary are smaller.  Their friendship never recovered.

What happened here?

This is exactly the client tug-of-war that I mentor my clients thru.  Two good people caught up in a misunderstanding, confused by the other one’s words or actions, puzzled what to do next.

Let me ask you a question:

What happened?  Who is right?  Who is wrong and what might each woman be feeling?

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