Know Your Worth Tip #1

As I was researching my post about why clients say you’re expensive I came across a familiar theme. You have to know your worth in your market.

It’s the mantra among the self-employed. Charge what you’re worth. Ask for your true value! I totally agree.  It’s very affirming to be well paid for the transformations you bring into people’s lives.  Unless you don’t know how to determine your value.  Then it’s an exercise in insecurity and frustration.

Scouring the internet to see what others are charging is someplace to start. Not a great place mind you because you have no idea if that other independent contractor is actually getting the amount quoted on their website.  It might be just the number they pulled from the air and they’re as lost as you are about what to charge. Bummer.

Tip #1 Write a letter

Write a short letter to your past clients asking for their help. You want to know things like:

–what 3 words would you use to describe working with me
–what was the best thing I did for you
–if we didn’t work together, how would you have solved this problem?
–what would you say to your best friend about working with me?

You see my drift. Often we don’t see what’s most valuable about our talents to other people. It’s good to ask. You have data to share with those potential clients to help them make the decision to work with you.  You also have some really wonderful comments about you to savor. Those emails come in handy on those ‘why did I get up’ days.

Have you written to your clients before? How did it ? Would you try this?

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