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You’re about making money as an entrepreneur, right?  You work to attract new clients, provide an awesome service or product and generally delight your customers.  And, in exchange they give you money.  Sounds good.  Actually, sounds great.  My question to you:  how much of that hard-earned money are you keeping?  Sometimes, the person you have to speak up to is you.

I’ll admit that I’m terrible at tracking my spending.  Just doesn’t make my radar screen.  Probably because I hold the belief that money will come when I need it. And, that’s been true for the most part.

However, not tracking your money is like telling the universe I don’t care.  That’s bad business mojo so I’ve been looking for tools to help me be more organized. We bring about what we think about, after all.   Here are a few that look good.  A big thanks to Daily Worth for sharing these.  Let me know in the comments which one you’re gonna try.

Money Tracking Tools for Savvy Entrepreneurs

The Birdy The Birdy is an addictive money tracker. Reply to a daily email with a list of the transactions you remember and an optional tag, and boom! The Birdy illustrates where all your money goes in a pretty pie chart. It’s free—and no sharing sensitive passwords.
You Need a Budget You Need A Budget is DIY budgeting software that’s all about controlling cash flow. Manually enter your monthly income and expenses, and it tells you how much to spend and save. One-time cost: $60 (including a mobile app), but you can try it free for 34 days.
Adaptu Adaptu offers a ton of money-tracking tools and user-generated content. The free iPhone app is simpler, telling you exactly how much you have to spend (considering balances and bills) at any given moment.
HelloWallet HelloWallet helps you plan, not just budget. Invest about 30 minutes entering your details, and get a customized road map to higher net worth. Cost: $9 per month, including a free iPhone app.


PS: Read some pricing tips to make more money.

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