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The fun continues even though the holiday is over. I’m talking coworking, people.

You know that I’m on a journey to open my own coworking space. This week I settled on a name. That was much harder than I expected but thanks to Rachel Young and Barbara Sprenger, I was inspired to name my space, Beacon Coworking.

One of my saying is, ‘Shine brightly, someone else needs to see the path to where you’re at, so the beacon image resonates with me. Coincidentally, I have these great lighthouse photos from a past trip that will be terrific as graphics. The Universe is doing her thing, bringing the pieces together.

That’s why I was jazzed to talk with Jen Ross today. She’s been very encouraging and actually shared her network to introduce me to the first women.
Gotta love Jen’s generosity of spirit and her open discussion of what it takes to run a successful suburban space and why she’s working on her second work home soon.

Jen Ross of W@tercooler Hub, Tarrytown, NY



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