Is Money the Key or the Lock to your Success?

Is Money Locking Your Success?

If I had the money I’d …travel more, give my kids a better lifestyle, enjoy life more.  How many times have you said something like that to yourself?  Plenty huh.  Me, too.

Entrepreneurs are a scrappy bunch, which is why I love you so much.  We are used to bootstrapping to make our businesses run.  You wish you made more money.  You try hard to make more.  Longer hours.  More marketing, even though you’re not sure it’s working.  You get used to just scraping by for so long that, well, having more money looks like the key to  success.

But is it really?

Is Money the Key to Your Success?

What would your business (and life) look like if you had all the money you wanted right now?

Provocative question, huh?  What would you do with that money?  Write down a list.

I imagine you writing things like:

  • Travel more
  • Stop worrying about money
  • Stop stressing
  • Buy a new house
  • Remodel
  • Go back to school
  • Start a new business
  • Indulge your family
  • Take better care of myself
  • Really enjoy life!

Which of these did you write down?  I’m curious, of course, about what else so feel free to share in the comments. We fool ourselves into thinking that money will make the difference.  If I had enough money, then all these things would be mine, right?  Really?   Seriously, is that true?

Or, is Money a Lock that Chains Your Satisfaction?

I’m gonna push you now.   Maybe wishing for money is your way of preventing yourself from feeling abundant, happy, fulfilled?  Think of it as one of those math logic questions from college where you’re trying to solve the equation.  If X then Y is true.  If you had more money, you’d be happy.

We think money is the key to happiness.  So if you don’t have the key, heck, how could you be happy?  Well, you can be.  Money isn’t the obstacle.  Your stinking thinking is.

Money is Just a Tool- You’re the Creator!

Let’s look back at the list.  In every instance, you can live that dream NOW.  No, perhaps not in the grand way you imagine…yet.  But you can have that happiness, feel that joy now, without some artificial barrier stopping you.  Yes, money is important.  No, it doesn’t have to be what consumes you.  Wherever you are right now, you have the potential to create your best life and life this version of it.

  • Travel more-    Take a day trip. Travel is about discovery and you haven’t been everywhere, have you?
  • Stop worrying about money.  Take action to make more money. Educate yourself to ask for it.
  • Stop stressing- Put that energy into loving compassion for you.  You are doing the best you can (and if  you aren’t, stop hiding & learn to be powerful)
  • Buy a new house-  Go to an open house and visualize yourself there.  Same new house glow at no cost! (I still do this!)
  • Remodel- Change your curtains and accessories
  • Go back to school- Take a course that prepares you for the next level.
  • Start a new business- Begin doing online research about  your potential market for free and know you have a winning business.
  • Indulge your family- Memories don’t have to be expensive.  Make an experience filled with emotion and connection i.e. making your own family flavor of ice cream
  • Take better care of myself- Walking is free.  Beauty schools always need customers in the student-run shops.
  • Really enjoy life! Stop and recall what a superhero you are in your own life.  Pretty amazing.  Know that what got you here will take you farther if you want to go.

Something Lara Spencer, news anchor and avid thrifter, said comes to mind here.  Having great taste is about having great style, not a lot of money.  Loving your life is about loving what’s in it, not about more money.   If you don’t like what you’ve got, change something.  Your thinking is a good place to start!


A Powerup Chat Breakthrough!

This shining insight is courtesy of one of my lovely PowerUp Chat mentees, a terrific entrepreneur with two small girls who wants to give them (and herself) the world and is tired of not having the money.

Ecstatic about making a big breakthrough, she emailed me this morning to thank me for her surprise gift ( a perk of being part of my tribe)   My Powerup Chats are private, but she gave me permission to  share this bit with you:


The day you sent that video, I couldn’t get the link to work – their site kept timing on me for some reason. BUT the next morning, it worked like a charm. And I have to say, I watched it a few times. Maybe more than a few times. And I loved it. THANK YOU for your amazing encouragement! It means the world to me. :)

The past few days have been chock full of ‘aha’ moments and messages and inspiration. It’s overwhelming, lol, but I’m staying open to it all and being GRATEFUL for every last bit of it! My most recent revelation? In the shower this morning – where all the greatest breakthroughs happen, ha! – I was asking (myself, Spirit, God, my guides, my Grandpa, whomever happened to be listening) what I need to do to accept abundance in my life – what is stopping me or preventing me from opening fully to that? I asked myself what I want in an abundant life, and the answer is freedom. Freedom from worry, from stress, from burden of doubt. I want love and laughter and joy and excitement. I want to create, I want to raise my girls in an amazingly nurturing and uplifting way, I want to be able to travel and immerse myself in LIFE. So…what’s stopping me? My initial reaction was money – money is the key. If I had enough money, all of that would be taken care of. But then I got a whisper it? Look closer. I saw Money, but instead of taking the form of a key (as I expected), it was actually the LOCK! The true key is to LIVE those things. To acknowledge and celebrate all the areas in which I already experience abundance – to allow myself to feel abundant in all the areas I seek it. THEN the lock is opened.

I know that action is a critical step in the Secret or the Law of Attraction. It’s like the Italian parable…a man is desperate and poor, and so he goes every day to pray to the statue of a saint. Each day, it’s the same prayer. “Please, please, let today be the day I win the lottery.” After weeks of this daily plea, the saint reaches out to him and answers with a plea of his own. “Please, please, my son, BUY A LOTTERY TICKET.” I’ve taken action, and I continue to, but find myself held in place by my false beliefs and fears – like a stationary bicycle, I’m pedaling for dear life, but never gaining ground! I can feel that all start to shift now, though, and I’m really excited to move! :)


If you feel ready to make the shift, I’m happy to help. Let’s chat.

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