What’s the difference: Ideal Client vs Best Client?

Every marketing guru or coach worth her salt talks about finding your niche and ideal client, right? Typically, that means you’re focusing on selecting a market to serve then learning about that group and how best to serve them.

You’re asking questions like:

  • what problem can I help them solve
  • will they pay for my solution
  • have they paid for help in the past
  • what’s the demographics ie age, gender
  • what’s the psychographics i.e. how do they buy, what magazines do they read


All that goes into finding your target market, your niche, where you will find your *ta dah* Ideal Client.  Or, at least, that’s the way the story goes.  Reality is a little different.  The most popular question on entrepreneur, start up and virtual assistant forums is: how do I find clients.  And, I read that to mean my Ideal Client.

The mediator in me wonders if that’s the right question.  The real question should be:

Who is my best client?


What’s the difference: Ideal vs Best

This is one of those ‘tastes great- less filling- conversations.  Reasonable minds could decide, as some folks have told me, that ideal and best are interchangeable.  They mean the same thing.  I bet to differ.

When you went searching for your ideal client you focused on them.  Their likes, needs, interests. All well and good. What’s missing in client attraction marketing training these days is YOU!  Who is asking what would make the client ideal for you?

The answer is no one, unless you do it.  Here are a few questions that lead you to creating your client recipe, you know the lovely bits of personality, integrity, humor or whatever floats your boat that means you really resonate with this client.

  • What do you want to do your best work
  • What do you need in terms of cooperation or materials?
  • What kind of people make you feel inspired, delighted, appreciated?

Your Best Client isn’t hard to recognize.  You light up.  Your best client is the one who works for you. The one who is part of your niche and also has the ingredients in your client recipe.

Client recipe + ideal client= your Best Client.


Trouble is, you know, we get obsessed with finding any client so we’re not looking for our best. Might not even take time to figure out what kind of clients we actually like (besides the paying type ;) )

Once I made the shift in my attitude and put thought and planning around who *I* wanted as a client some great things happened.

I stopped feeling at the mercy of my clients, doing whatever to keep them happy and continuing clients. I also made more money because I didn’t have to look for clients and the ones I had really appreciated me so didn’t mind paying more.

What do you think about best clients? Do you have a recipe for your best client?

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