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Emotional intelligence is another kind of smart.  It’s about understanding and interacting with the emotions of others.  A pretty nifty skill if you’re self-employed.

You’ve had this experience, right?  You’re about to buy something and it’s almost like the sales person is reading your thoughts.  They echo your excitement, calm your fears and before you know it- you’re sold.

You, too, can work that voodoo.  It’s not sleazy or salesy. It’s just good old fashion behavioral science put to work.  Recognizing and responding to facial expressions is using emotional intelligence as an effective tool for connecting with those around you like your clients.

For instance,  let’s say you’re a VA who Skypes for client meetings.  Talking about a past project together, you notice your client is looking down and her head is turned to the side.  If you got your EQ hat on,  you might wonder if she’s embarrassed or ashamed about something with that job.  You could gently invite her into a meaningful conversation to test your theory, show your interest and avoid an issue.

Good news, there’s nothing to buy. You’ve already got the equipment you need to be an emotion detector- your intuition.

If you want to have a bit of fun, and maybe sharpen your skills, try this quiz on the Greater Good site.  You’ll be asked to name that emotion.  It’s fun and really informative.  Your score will vary. I’m a highly empathic person and I got a 14. ( I’m telling you that as reference, not for comparison.)


Come back and share what you discovered, will ya?

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