I heart Tory Johnson

Hey Ladies, I’m back from Spark and Hustle. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect but it was great.  I’d heard about the conference Tory Johnson founded from my coach.  I’d intended to go to a Boston event but well…

Spark and Hustle

Spark and Hustle EXTREME came about after Tory  (who you probably know from seeing on Good Morning America)  lost her corp gig  at 30 Rock. It’s not just any ole conference, though. It’s like visiting with friends who happen to have businesses, too.

The focus is on finding solutions to your most essential business questions so you can make a profit doing what you love and are good at.  These are the ones I tend to avoid if given a chance like my business will fail if I dont… or What do you do? (I cracked that one so watch for the post)

Coach Jenn Lee brings an enormous amount of energy, love and sass to the day as mistress of ceremonies, encouraging all of us to take inspired action.  Jenn is so genuine. I decided to be one of the San Francisco hosts as a way of getting back into the scene and  meeting folks in my new hometown but I had no idea what to do. Jenn to the rescue! She called me until we connected even though she was  either leading a group or traveling everyday. This is what I mean when I say love your clients.  She understood my nervousness and cared enough to make sure she reached me.

Great connections were made

The local networking was terrific so it was especially nice to have a smaller group. Unlike some events where you’re just trading cards, I really felt a connection with these women as we envisioned ways to collaborate or help each other. All in all I came away very inspired. Please check out my fun tablemates:

Something powerful happened we sat down- we sparked. We helped Lisa nail her elevator pitch so that she’s gonna be irresistible.  Malti wanted more connection to the mompreneur community so I’m introducing her to the groups I know and love ,Founding Moms and Works for Me , so she can share her amazing 6-in-one (!!) baby blanket.  (No, I can’t remember all 6 but I do remember thinking where was this when I needed it.)  Sophia has a startup so we helped her think about how to position for career coaching for the foreign born along with her skill for making military resumes shine.

My special moment

Did I mention Tory Johnson was kind enough to spend five minutes with me sharing her specific advice for SpeakupPowerfully.com? I practically melted. (watch for the post where I tell how this happened) That woman is as sharp as a tack!

Can I ask you something?  When’s the last conference you attended that helped you concretely grow your business? If it’s been a while, or never, register for the next Spark and Hustle please. (Tell Jenn Dina sent ya)

Tory tells a great story about how they got the name of the conference.  Personally, I think it’s because when you attend you rub up against so many bright, strong women it naturally lights a spark under your butt so you get up and make it happen!

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