How to connect with your Best Client

Once you’ve identified and selected your Best Client, you gotta connect with them.  You know, give them what I call your Client Embrace.   These pointers will get you started.


Start with how, not what. Yes, you want to get down to work but stop and take a moment to reconnect with the person who you wanted to help.

Be generous with thanks. You have a great client. Be grateful and tell them so. Nobody gets tired of hearing that they made your day.

Observe differences. The natural inclination is to just go with the flow and do things the way your client wants. Nice but not effective all the time and can lead to misunderstandings or resentment (you did it her way then had to do it again your way).

Always be asking. Check in multiple times to make sure you understand what’s being asked of you. When in doubt, speak it out.

Use stories to explain. Sharing your expectations in a story helps you get the message across nicely while letting your client know she’s not the only one.

Be the Thought Leader. When you get to a lull in the conversation ( maybe around price or closing the sale), you have to shape where the conversation goes next. Don’t leave your prospective client hanging.

Be you. No one want to do business with a Business Person. So not switch to entrepreneur mode. Be your own goofy, lovable self who happens to have a kick butt business.

Know you. Self-awareness is part of the gift of running a business. The better you know yourself- strengths first, the areas for improvement- the better fit you’ll have with your clients, the more clients you have, the more revenue and satisfaction you can claim.

Hey, I’d love to hear what you’d put on the list.  How do you connect with your clients?

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  1. Lisa LaMagna
    4 years ago

    Great ideas Dina, thank.

    One thing I do is give explicit permission for clients to give me frequent and honest feedback. Give permission for them to give feedback, then ask for it frequently. When it comes, accept it graciously.

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