Elevator Pitch- the Spark and Hustle Way

How’s your elevator pitch?  Mine got a major overhaul at Spark and Hustle.

My old elevator pitch was kinda sexy, meant to seduce you into asking for more information.  You know, provocative.  I’d say something like, Hi, I’m Dina, I keep managers from killing employees.  Which always got a look and the question, how do you do that?  Worked fine, except there was a lot of explaining to get back to my work.

Tory and Romy Taormina of Psi Health (you might have caught her on Shark Tank; she said no to them) offered critiques to us attendees brave enough to try.  What I gleaned from their suggestions is that:

  • You got to be memorable.  Tory liked that I call myself a Client Whisperer.
  • Does the person immediately know what you do?  If not, you’re highlight the wrong things.
  • What makes you different?  You gotta pass the ‘so what’ test.
  • What makes you legitimate?
  • Did you add confusing stuff?

These aren’t especially new, but it’s good to review them.  I got dinged for the last one.  I have a tendency to over-complicate my work.  After all, what I do is listen and make observations, which everyone has the ability to do.  Tory helped me see that as my difference.  I solve a pretty simple problem when you get right down to it.  I help people figure out what to say when they’re stuck.  Here’s the pitch we can up with.  Coach Jenn wanted to tinker more but Romy and Tory thought it was fine.

I’m Dina Eisenberg of SpeakupPowerfully. I’m a Client Whisperer with 20 years experience helping people speak up for themselves. My online courses show solopros who struggle with toxic clients and sticky situations what to say and so, step by step, so they can feel better and move on!

Why not give your pitch a little tweak using the tips above.  And look, there’s a lovely blank space right below where you can practice. (wink)

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