Happy Small Business Week!

Happy You! This is Small Business Week celebrating all the little people (that’s you and me) who make Main Street great.  I”m in the love New York City celebrating something a bit different but equally exciting- my daughter’s graduation from college. That girl’s future is so bright, it’s too hot for shades!  My evil plan is to convince her to move to SF, near her dear old mum.

Anyhoo- there are plenty of fab business events and conferences for you.  I’m bummed to be missing the San Francisco Small Business Week.   Personally, the workshops on negotiating tools and using market research look very interesting.  Also, there’s a workshop on web hacking that seems useful.  Rats, wish I were gonna be here.

If you go to the conference  shoot me a ‘traveling reporter’ post and I’ll share it here.


More Small Business Love!


Looks like Constant Contact wants to celebrate, too.  They’re hosting Get Down to Business, a free series of business building events (it’s probably not as dull as that sounds) across the country.  Check for what’s available near you.

US Chamber of Commerce is hosting a small business summit.  in Washington DC if you’re near there.  Gary V (Mr. Wine to you) will be discussing social media.

And New York, my home state, had its  Small Business XPO earlier this month.  Though the event is over, there’s a blog that has good articles for you to read.


What’s happening for Small Business Week where you are?

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