Happy Business Birthday to you!

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Did you forget an important date? I was chatting with my new friend, Sarah Houldcroft the other day. She is an online book marketing specialist who  answers the question, wouldn’t you rather be writing your book than promoting it?

We were chatting about a mysterious problem I’m having with the backend of this site.  Since I upgraded to the latest version of wp, I have trouble inserting links in my posts.  That means I have to do it manually-ugh.

Sarah had some great advice, and mojo, cause the problem stopped right after I talked with her….hmmm.
I read  on Linkedin that Sarah’s business, VA for Authors, had just celebrated a business birthday and congratulated her.  Laughing, she mentioned she hadn’t noticed.

Happy Business Birthday!

Floored, I encouraged her to celebrate like crazy.  You know, I bet a lot of you don’t celebrate your business or yourself the way you should.  I’m a firm believer in celebrating. So much so that I keep a bottle of bubbly in my fridge at all times!

When is your business birthday?  You’re the creator so it’s whenever you say. Mine is May 5, 1993 the day I launched Odyssey Seminars, the first incarnation of Speak up.  Big companies celebrate their anniversaries so I think us solopreneurs should too.

I chose Odyssey as a name because I’d just left practicing law. It’s nondescript and terrible for SEO, but at the time, the whole entrepreneurial thing seemed like such a journey.  And it was.  Celebrating my biz bday gives me a chance to relive those glory (and not so glory) days and marvel.

Did you ever imagine?

Did you think you’d get to where you are now?  A year ago, or maybe 3, you had a germ of an idea to be your own boss and  now, it’s come to life.  What have you learned, I wonder, about your character, power, grit or your vision?

I think you found a well-spring of courage and persistence that you can call on for strength and hope.  Why?  You’re still here and growing!  That’s positively worth celebrating.

Hey it’s your birthday!

Let’s par-tay!  Please leave your business name and bday in the comments if your business launched in March no matter what year.  Tell us how you’re celebrating so we can be part of the fun, too.

I love this idea so let’s keep it coming.  How about the first Tuesday of the month we celebrate business birthdays?  Next one…April 9th!


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  1. Dina Eisenberg
    4 years ago

    So glad! I’ll be raising a beer in your honor tonight! May this year bring you everything you aim or and more!

  2. Sarah Houldcroft
    4 years ago

    Thanks so much for reminding me to celebrate, Dina. And you are so right why shouldn’t we celebrate! Being a solopreneur can be tough and the fact that we have survived and continue to grow and develop our businesses is well worth recognising.


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