Want to Guest Post? Yes, please!

Guest Post Guidelines

Everyone has knowledge to share.  Want to guest post?  I’d love to have you, but first check out the guidelines so we’ll both be happy.
My tribe is composed of heart-based women entrepreneurs who value positivity and personal growth as much as income and profitability.  They are busy women who are changing the world,
so post must be brief yet contain solid information that readers can take action on now.  A good question to answer  in your post is: what do you want the reader to do tomorrow as a result of reading your post today.

This is a business site.  Our focus is on both the business side: pricing, market research, creating profitability and the people side:  setting kind boundaries, creating policy and contracts, positive mindset and dealing with difficult people.

Creating a great Guest Post

I’d love to publish your well-written article if it is:

  • Original content
  • 500-800 words with subheadings
  • highly relevant to my tribe or topics
  • includes actionable steps the reader can follow
  • includes your 3 sentence bio and picture
  • includes one outgoing link to your site that’s not a sales page
  • includes a photo with credit
  • fun to read

My topics

The topics I’m interested in include:

  • Market Research
  • Surveys
  • Pricing
  • Cash Flow/Accounting
  • Profitability
  • Software product reviews
  • Productivity tools for online businesses
  • Statistics/findings about women entrepreneurs
  • “How I handled’ stories
  • Your favorite positive business quote & what it means to you

I don’t guarantee that your article will be accepted, and I reserve the right to edit any portion as needed for content or clarity sake. I will reject articles that I deem offensive, overly promotional, spam or inaccurate or otherwise not suitable for Speak up Powerfully.  Please be sure that you’re able to return to respond to comments on my site within 24-48 hours after your piece has been published so readers can enjoy interacting with you.  Oh, and let me know what tags/keywords you’d like used with your article.

 How to Submit

First email me your proposed article idea including title, learning goals and why this content is right for my tribe at Dina  AT Speakuppowerfully DOT com with Guest Post in the subject line.   I’ll let you know if it’s a good fit.  Got questions, shoot me a note.