Dear Fellow Solopro,

Hey, it’s Dina, Client Whisperer and veteran Solopreneur.

I was totally pissed off when I learned that the average solopreneur earns $25,000 a year. That seemed totally crazy to me.

The solo pros I know are smart, savvy, big-hearted people who focus on giving their clients great results.  You always go the extra mile, even if that means you go without in your own business.

You  are so dedicated to your clients needs and goals you don’t have the time, energy or focus to think about your own business.  You work harder, but your business languishes until burnout is inevitable.

But not anymore… I asked the most talented Experts I know, who really resonate with my  stance around positivity and inspired action,  to come together and create one special event for you to get the advice, insights, expertise you need to grow your profits and see your vision realizedall for FREE!

Grand in Your Hand Giveaway for Solopreneurs
There’s income waiting for you to find it!

Learn our secrets to working smarter so profits flow easier for free!

  • How to easily eliminate problems in your small business
  • Step by step instructions to create that online course you wanted
  • Transform your about page into money.
  • Write a contract that saves aggravation & feels natural
  • Create your social media plan without making costly mistakes
  • Easily convert lookers into customers  on your site

Each Expert will give you tips and tools so you can find that low hanging profit in your business.   Each actionable strategy takes you under the hood of your business to see ways to improve, update and grow.  Don’t miss  this FREE opportunity to get the practical, step by step  advice you crave at your fingertips.

How would your profit leapfrog if you knew the secrets to making a Grand with…

  • Prosperity Planning
  • Shedding that Employee Mindset
  • Turning your website into a marketing machine
  • Your own Teleseminar series
  • Project management gems that save time

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