Are you committed to giving up?

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Are you committed to giving up or getting ahead?  That’s the central question that’s been floating around my head for about two weeks.  The Universe, always a clever girl, brought me a two new Power Chat mentees that challenged me around this.

Belt and Suspenders

I am the queen of backup plans.  Truly.  There is always a plan a,b, c and possibly e, if I’m concerned enough.  Something always goes sideways (which is not necessarily wrong) so you have to build in redundancies. My pocketbook is like a vault filled with tissues, pens, safety pin, hand wipes, etc…just in case!  You feel me, right?

Boy, that lesson got reinforced when my best girl, the Hubs, and I attended a terrific event, grandly named  The Great Googa Mooga festival. The beautiful Bryant Park in Brooklyn hosted an amazing food and music festival that’s rumored to have taken 4 years to plan.  Guess they needed one more day because they built the entire event on the back of 1 system (having wireless) and when that failed, lawdy, it was a hot, ugly mess- except for the lovely folks at Brooklyn Beer.  (You don’t know fear until you’ve faced down millenials who’d waited too long in the beer line.  Seriously, people were very chill, but hella whiny!)

Anyhoo- suffice it to say.  I’m a planner. I like to know I’m gonna reach my goal.  So I plan a couple of alternate routes up the mountain of success.  I bet you do, too.

But lately I’ve been wondering if all those back up plans are secretly my way of giving up my dream.  Of not giving my full attention or energy.  Of hedging my bets in case my big, hairy audacious goals don’t quite come through.  A defense I learned as a child, I’m almost sure this thinking is keeping me from shining my brightest. Is this being committed to giving up?

American Ninja Warrior

I adore this show!  I’m not gonna describe it well.  It’s kinda like a hugely intense field day for adults. Check it out yourself.    I’m addicted to the show because of the contestants.  These young men are hard-core.   Many of them devote a huge portion of their lives: social, professional, financial- to becoming the next American Ninja Warrior.  It’s amazing.  And, inspiring, especially when you hear about the stories behind the athletes.

Got me thinking- these guys don’t have backup plans.  When they jump from onto the Salmon ladder and literally haul all their body weight upwards with their feet off the ground- there is no back up plan.  Do it or don’t. These guys are pigs!    That definitely seems like what being committed to going ahead looks like.  But honestly I don’t know.


Where to now?

My struggle is which one works for me now.  We all grow and evolve.  We’re more like movies than Polaroids. I’ve been the queen of B&S  (not BS, y’all, lol).  However lately I’ve been stepping out on faith  alot…a  whole lot.  Case in point- the whole moving cross country at 50 thing.    Trusting that the Universe will do her part if I do mine by taking inspired action. (Success favors speed and inspired action. )  So far, so good.  But as I look to climb to the next ledge by growing the women professionals side of my practice,  I hear a wee voice saying, uh, where are your suspenders?

What do you think?


Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase- Dr. Martin Luther King


PS If you want, I’m puzzling out the rest of this in my ezine. Sign up and read on….


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