Getting recognition as a VA

Respect and appreciation are the emotional part of your pay as a virtual assistant (along with a big fat retainer) As a creative problem-solver,who rushes to the aid of helpless entrepreneurs, you love to help folks.

You’re a self-employed superhero!  A bit dramatic, I know, but you’re all that and a bag of chips.  Trouble is, you don’t always feel loved  or appreciated as you’d like.  Your clients sometimes forget to share with you how much better you make their lives.  I know they’ve been times when I felt like I was the scullery maid myself…’fetch me my results & hurry!”

Your clients do appreciate you and show you in many unspoken ways that you might accidentally overlook.  Take a moment to grab those hidden  gems and before you know it you’ll feel rich and satisfied with yourself and your business.

 Just so you know, your customer is loving you up when she:

  • asks to work with you again
  • sends her friends  to you
  • recommends you in her online communities
  • respects your schedule
  • doesn’t feel compelled to micro-manage
  • invests in your training/education

Had this occurred to you? What the hidden ways that your clients support your in your online business?



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