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Are you sure that client is right for you?

Most entrepreneurs are obsessed with finding their ideal clients. Problem is, picking the best from the bunch is NOT a slam dunk. Even after you find your target market (and that takes serious discovery), you might not know how to select your clients wisely.

It’s easy to be so excited by getting a new client that you don’t ask enough questions first and end up with a problem client who saps your energy and your finances… How do you get a good fit?

32 Questions Smart Solopreneurs Ask to Select your Best Clients!

I remember those days. When I started out I was puzzled about how to qualify clients; what kinds of questions to ask; and exactly what words to say.  Happily, you’re golden since I put the answers to those questions inside a convenient package for you!

After this course, you’ll have in your hands:

penny for your microbusiness Dina Eisenberg |

  • 32+ effective  questions you can make your own or use ‘as is’
  • an easy yardstick to skillfully select clients who respect your time & talent
  • short questions to use during your first chat or while networking
  • a natural strategy for when to ask
  • expert pointers on how to ask better questions so you can get better answers

Stop settling for the clients who come your way and start selecting clients who you love to work with!

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